Chance to dance: Nepal student shines at talent show

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Chance to dance: Nepal student shines at talent show

Pujan Dahal

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Dance is a “magical tonic” for Nishant Narsing Shrestha.

“One must be determined to dance first and then practice as many times to succeed,” he said.

Amidst the hysteria of International Week on Campus, students like Shrestha came together in the SUB Ballrooms on Wednesday night for the annual International Students’ Talent Show.


BREAK IT DOWN: Nishant Narsing Shrestha of Nepal break dances at the International Student’s Week Talent Show Wednesday in the SUB Ballrooms.

Shrestha, a freshman computer information systems major, won the heart of everyone through his dance. The auditorium echoed due to endless claps as Shrestha walked to the stage to receive a golden trophy.

Shrestha learned to dance by watching others break-dance on YouTube. Dancing was never his forte until eighth grade, when American break-dancer B-Boy Cloud inspired him to try it out.

Shrestha feels that there is a good platform for dancers in the U.S. He expressed that back in his home country of Nepal, dancing has no proper platform.

“They can pursue majors and minors in dancing here,” he said. “We had to dance all by ourselves, by observing, by videos and by severe practicing.

Shrestha plans to take dance as his career. He was selected in ULM’s Repertory Dance Ensemble even though he is not a trained dancer.

“I am very thankful to ULM dance repertory as I have got a chance to explore other dance forms such as ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, afro-pop and many more,” Shrestha said.

Shrestha finds that the talent show is another great way that dancers and those with other talents are encouraged. As he puts it, the talent show is a “great podium for cultural exchange.” He says that this has been his favorite on-campus event so far.

“We can know people and can at least scratch the surface of their background and their culture and learn about their music and language (at the talent show),” Shrestha said.

As the winner of the International Students’ Talent Show performs in the International Banquet, Shrestha is looking forward to amuse everyone yet again.