‘Allegiant’ failed to thrill viewers

Kandice Johnson

Not sure if it was a movie or a super long trailer. … However, the Divergent Series: Allegiant fell short of thrilling.

Like many other book series turned blockbusters (“The Twilight Saga,” “The Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner”) perhaps part two of Allegiant will generate some long-lasting excitement.

“Allegiant” ended with chosen hero Tris, her boyfriend Four and the rest of the Chicago factions discovering that their entire civilization was an experiment conducted by a strange group that lives outside the city’s walls.

In the new movie, Four’s mother, Evelyn orders that the borders stay closed and justice be dealt out to former oppressors.

Meanwhile Tris, Four and her friends disobey authority again by venturing outside the big wall.

Sounds exciting right? Sadly, that’s where the thrill ends.

As much as Robert Schwentke was paid to direct this film, one would think his ideas would be a bit more… innovative.

Instead viewers are given the same sci-fi scenery.

Outside the Chicago walls lays a Mars wasteland that rains red water and a white and chrome futuristic city where the mysterious group lives.

If the special effects weren’t weak enough, the films outcome was “side-eye” worthy.

Turns out the mysterious group leader David wants to put them right back into factions.

Makes one wonder what was the point of watching.

But there’s hope. Because Tris ruined David’s plan to rebuild the factions, but David was never killed.

David’s anger toward Tris just may be the energy needed to perk up this series.