Greek Week supports special cause


Mariah Mitchell

Greeks come together for week of fun, fundraising

Opening Ceremony

ULM Greek life kicked off their Greek Week with their Opening Ceremonies last Monday.

The ceremonies started after the torch was lite by Cole Waggoner, a local autistic child.

“We chose the theme Olympics because the Olympics are right around the corner, since the Olympics are all about unity… we figured if the countries can do it the Greeks can do it too,” said Chloe Sealy, senior pre-pharmacy major and co-chairman of Greek Week.

To some, the week’s Special Olympics focus hit close to home.

“Greek week is special to us this year because Special Olympics is Kappa Betta Gamma’s national philanthropy,” said Libby Ebarb, president of Kappa Betta Gamma sorority.

The Greeks were split up into four teams for the week; team one: Pike, Kappa Betta Gamma, and Zeta Phi Beta, Inc., team two: Phi Mu, Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Sigma Phi and Phi Betta Sigma, team three: Sigma Gamma Rho, Kappa Delta, Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Phi Alpha and team four: Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Omega Si Phi and Alpha Omicron Pi.

The first event for the week was Capture the Flag. Team one took home the win.

Awareness Day

Awareness Day was held on Tuesday as a part of Greek Week. The idea was to bring awareness to the students on campus about the state Special Olympics, which took place in Monroe on Sunday.

The Greek organizations informed students about the Special Olympics and what it means to so many families. All of the money raised by Greeks throughout the week will be donated to the Special Olympics.

Students could also pay a dollar to smash a pie in the face of a Greek member.

“Today I decided to stop in because it seemed fun to pie someone and, most importantly, to help make Special Olympics fun for the children involved,” said Mi’ca Lowe, a junior toxicology major.

Lowe, who is not involved in Greek Life, often attends Greek-hosted events that are open to non-Greeks.

“(Awareness Day) shows that our Greek life cares about our campus and cares to socialize with students that aren’t in Greek life,” Lowe said.

Awards Night

The Greek Awards were held later on Tuesday. The Greeks were acknowledged for all their hard work over the past year.

Phi Mu was awarded Organization/Chapter of the year for women.

“It was great to be recognized and honored for all of the hard work we do for the community,” said Camille Reffett, a junior nursing major and president of Phi Mu.

Marc Anothony Calhoun and Grace Jeanfrea were awarded the Greek Man and Woman of the Year Award.

“I’m always going to strive to be a leader, it’s something I really enjoy. It’s really oriented me and help me become who I am,” said Jeanfreau, a biology major and member of Kappa Delta.

The NPHC Organization/Chapter of the Year was Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.

“We work to outdo ourselves every year, the plan for next year will be to reach out further to a few more schools and programs in Monroe. …,” said Andre’ Philips, junior pre-pharmacy and toxicology major and president of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.

Field Day

The Greeks experienced fun and lots of sun as they were put to the test in four different field events during the Greek Week Field Day.

Many Greeks took the event as an opportunity to show their competitive sides.

“We won three out of our four events, so I think we’re winning right now. All I know is I’m competing for my bragging rights. Go team two!” said Timothy Perkins, a junior kinesiology major and member of Delta Sigma Phi.

Perkins seemed confident in his team’s ability to take home the win for Field Day and they did just that. Team two reigned supreme.

Closing Ceremony

To close out the week the Greeks held one last event to earn points: Aquatic Day.

Team two was crowned the Aquatic Day champions.

“I think this was one of the best Greek weeks we’ve had in the past couple of years,” said Nigel Cribbs, a senior mathematics major, co-chairman of Greek week and member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Team one were the winners of the 2016 Olympic Greek Week. They received a metal and will also get bragging rights for the year.

“I really have to give it to my philanthropy group because they gathered and presented the information about the Special Olympics well so that the students could get a better understanding of what exactly we were raising awareness for this week and why,” Cribbs said.

Greek week allows the different sororities and fraternities on campus to get to know one another, while providing the student body with a little more insight on what exactly Greek life is all about.

“The purpose of Greek week is for the Greeks to come together and work together as one body. As Greek life we have a purpose and a common goal and that’s to do outreach and to serve,” said Garry Butler, Coordinator-Student development/ Greek life advisor.