Freshmen provide care package products for local deployed service men, women

Pujan Dahal

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Over the course of this semester, University 1001 classes have been serving those who serve.

Every semester, university seminar students are required to participate in a community service project. This semester, the students’ efforts supported military service men and women from Northeast Louisiana.

The service men and women requested items that cannot be easily found in their service areas. Students purchased the items to send overseas. Items such as: protein bars, dry fruits, chocolate, playing cards and other favorite items they miss from home.

Students, peer leaders and other organizers met in the student success center to package the items on Friday.

Serena Tenison of the Student Success Center shared that the main purpose of the charity was to support military personnel overseas and to thank them for their selfless service. She also said that most of the army personnel they donated to are serving in the Middle East.

Tenison said that students were excited to be part of a project that benefits not only those in service, but community members that are away.

“We have all the boxes full. In fact, the students donated more items than what we needed. The students participated in their seminar project wholeheartedly,” Tenison said.

Along with the items, the students also sent personal letters to thank them for their services. Tenison said that every box contained a letter.

“These items (the letters) will energize them and liven their spirits while they are separated from their families,” Tenison said.

Tension said that she hopes that the charity will make the military personnel very happy by exposing them to the enthusiasm students have to help them and the respect students have for them.

The goal of the university seminar service projects is to teach new students about community service and to add to their overall college experience. The motive of the charity is to “learn by giving.”

Peer Leaders Bria Mays says that freshmen students participating in community service projects like these give students a chance to make positive inpacts in the Monroe community.

“It shows them that coming to college can be more than just …obtaining their degree, but they can also have opportunities to make the best out of their college career by helping out those in the community,” Mays said.