Local car festival gains approval

Alan Rawles

MadTunes Racing and the West Carol Chamber of Commerce sponsored car festival MadFest has been given the green light. Car enthusiasts will have a new way to enjoy their favorite hobby this fall.

MadFest is an upcoming car festival that is set to introduce car lovers to the Northeast Louisiana area. Jason Madden, owner of MadTunes Racing, wants to introduce more automotive enthusiasts to the area. Madden has planned MadFest around the automotive community.

The dates set to host MadFest are October 14th and 15th. Festive events will start Friday evening with what Madden calls a “meet, greet and eat” for automotive fans. A car cruise event will be taking place around the downtown area of Oak Grove, the town hosting MadFest, Friday evening as well.

Attendees of the festival will also be treated to local music and food. Josh Madden, brother to Jason Madden, will be performing Friday night. Josh Madden is a musician featured in the Monroe area.

Friday night will be ended with an automotive themed movie at the theatre in downtown Oak Grove.

Food will be provided as well. Jason Madden is calling the food selection “a taste of Louisiana” which will feature jambalaya, gumbo and other Cajun cuisine. Burgers and barbeque will also be available.

Madden has main events planned for Saturday. While not all of these events may make the cut, Madden hopes to have as many as possible for festival attendees to enjoy.

Some early morning events Madden has in store are a car show and poker run. The main automotive style events planned include: a tough truck challenge, truck tug-of-war, truck sled pull, autocross and urban rock crawling. These events are what Madden hopes will bring the most fun to MadFest.

Other activities centered on vehicles will be happening throughout the day. A burnout competition and loud exhaust competition are planned along with a trailer backing competition.

Madden is still seeking sponsors for MadFest. Sponsors will help provide prizes to certain competitions and will also have the opportunity to sell products at vendor booths.

Attendees of the festival will be able to enjoy the events with no charge. There will be a gate charge if guests wish to park closer to the festival grounds at the Thomas Jason Lingo Center. Those wishing to participate will be asked to pay to compete in events.

MadFest opens up an opportunity for automotive enthusiasts to meet new people and have fun. The approval of MadFest is also a way for Northeast Louisiana to experience the automotive culture.