What’s New ULM?

ULM Hawkeye

Here’s what to look out for:

1. BadgePass:

Students can now access their Warhawk Express card online with the new Warhawk Express Self- Service made by BadgePass.

With this new provider, students, and family members of students, can put money on the ULM ID card and check the balance and transaction history. If a ULM ID card is ever stolen or lost, students now have the control to deactivate the card and reactivate it if found or replaced.

2. Parking Zones:

Parking zones were updated for students and faculty this school year.

Aside from new parking signs being placed on campus, campus residents can now park on either sides of the bayou; however, ULM Police Department requests students park near their assigned dorms

Commuters can now park in the Fant-Ewing Coliseum parking lot, and the newly paved commuter parking lot next to the Liew Family International Center.

Improvements have also been made to the gravel parking lots. Faculty have extra parking spots added on Bayou Dr. and between the SSC and Sandel Hall. An updated map of the parking zones is available on the ULM website.

3. Masur Hall:

Students will need ULM ID access to enter the all girls dorm, Masur Hall this semester. The fence was built over the summer to ensure a safe and secure campus for the upcoming school year.

4. Sandal Hall:

Sandel Hall will reopen after three years of renovation.

President Bruno said the hall was originally scheduled to open last fall, but due to construction issues and the Monroe flood, there are plans for the hall to be open in October.

The 53-year-old building originally served as the university library until 1999 and housed the University’s Natural History Museum, the ULM Herbarium, the ULM Testing Center, the ULM Bookstore and the ULM Office of Recruitment and Admission.

Aside from the bookstore and admissions office, the hall’s new renovations will also provide several multimedia classrooms, a multimedia conference room and a state of the art biology laboratory.

5. Starbucks:

Starbucks was expanded over the summer into the space that was formally known as the Hawk Nest convenience store.

The newly remolded coffee shop features new lounging chairs, new tables and seats and a bar and dining table that can sit eight.

6. Fountain:

The fountain that has graced Scott Plaza/ The Quad for years is finally being replaced by an above ground model. The old fountain, which Dr. Bruno called “unreliable,” broke every time it rained last semester.