Let’s be frank, the wurst is yet to come

Brea Joyner

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Ain’t no party like a sausage party, but this party should have been stopped.

Because they went too far.

The animated movie “Sausage Party” reveals the secret life of food as they discover a deeper secret—that they die.

Because we eat them.

The film opens with the food characters happily singing to “the gods” about being chosen—purchased—to go to The Great Beyond, which is the outside world. Shortly after the song ends, Honey Mustard is chosen and everyone cheers.

Since the Fourth of July is the next day everyone is hopeful that they will be selected, especially Frank and Brenda—a match made in American tradition. Frank the hotdog and the bun-sumptuous Brenda yearned to…consummate one another.

Low and behold, Frank, Brenda and their fellow packaged partners were selected on the Fourth, but Honey Mustard was returned. Unfortunately, he revealed to the overzealous food that they were not in for a treat. For their destiny was death and “The Great Beyond” was, in fact, The Great Abyss.

I won’t ruin the detail of the food apocalypse, but let’s just say, it was the beginning of Frank and his friends’ journey to discoving the truth.

This film was loaded with an all-star cast of: Seth Rogen (Frank and co-writer), Kristen Wiig (Brenda), Jonah Hill (Carl), Bill Hader, Michael Cera (Barry), James Franco (Druggie), and director Conrad Vernon.

Sausage Party was filled with raunchy, sometimes dark humor that flowed pretty well throughout the plot. Raunch, Rogen and ridiculously funny are things I like in a movie.

I appreciate Sausage Party owning up to its restriction. I can handle raunchy humor, but I’m not a fan of religious humor, which was featured throughout the film.

Other than that, I think the writers did a great job at keeping all of the characters’ storyline consistent, from Frank’s journey into the deep freezer where he’s inhaling more than frozen vapors, to Barry’s brave journey convincing a high man not to eat him.

The ending of the film, the celebration the food had after defeating the humans, was the big shocker. Traditionally, when you hear celebration, you would think “Yay guys we did it,” Pixar playlist. No. This was not even the remotely opposite of Pixar.

To celebrate their freedom, they had a giant organic orgy. There is not really a better way to explain it.

The same food that we eat every day was devouring each other over and over for about two minutes.

Frank and Brenda scored more than a homerun at last. From glazed donuts into burrito flaps to tacos diving in hotdog buns. No one was safe.

Ever since, I have not eaten popcorn the same.

Judging from the ending, this won’t be the last time secular sausages ruin my favorite snacks.