Fellow student speaks at convocation

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Fellow student speaks at convocation

Pujan Dahal

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Roark tells freshman class to work hard, manage time

The official beginning of the fall semester kicked off with the convocation march which started at the library bell tower.

Supported by the college band, the cheerleaders and the Hawkline dance team, freshman walked across the bridge with the freshmen to the Fant-Ewing Coliseum where it converted into the Week of Welcome: Convocation Speech.

This year’s guest speaker was Spencer Roark, a senior biology major who was chosen to be the honorary guest speaker.

“I was very shocked when I first heard that I had to give the Convocation speech. I did not know what to say,” said Roark. “I believe it was an awesome speech, and I was super pumped for it.”

Roark never thought that he would give a Convocation speech when he joined ULM three years back.

Having the opportunity to speak Wednesday brought back memories of his freshman Convocation and how it was the first big event he attended at college.

“Convocation was a surreal moment for me,” said Roark. “It made me realize the upcoming best four years of my college life. I always felt that Convocation was the best part of the freshman year.”

During his speech, Roark said that the journey from high school to college is a huge transition.

“Time management can be a huge issue for the students,” said Roark. “Managing time for the studies, family, friends and fun becomes tough.”

Roark insisted that freshmen need to maintain a good balance of having fun with their studies.

“Studies should be your number one priority, but also make time for fun after your test,” said Roark. “Just for a change.”

Roark initially planned to attend LSU so he could be away from his parents, but later decided to apply to ULM.

The passion and enthusiasm of the ULM Prep Staff for the university encouraged him to join ULM.

“Getting into prep staff was the best moment and biggest achievement of my college life,” said Roark. “I love this university, and the best way to give back is through prep.”

Roark said that one has to make the most here at ULM.

“Getting good education is the upmost importance, but also what you do outside of the classroom helps create the best college experience.”

Lisa Miller, the chief communications officer, presented stats  about the class of 2020.

Miller said their average high school GPA was a 3.5, and 121 freshmen had a perfect 4.0.

“We have 92 students with an ACT score of more than 30. There are 1228 freshmen from Louisiana, 91 from out of state and 62 from abroad,” said Miller.

Miller was followed by the SGA President Kaitlin Nicole Neal, CAB President, Dustin Hickman and the Director of High School Recruitment and Program, Seth Hall, who welcomed the freshmen and described the organizations that each of the presidents belonged to.

Hall expressed that the speech made by Roark was the best Convocation speech ever.

Sachi Dhakal, a freshman biology major, said that she’s excited to attend ULM.

“The Convocation was really encouraging,” said Dhakal. “I look forward to great college years.”