Joseph Feliu: A bright life cut short

Joseph Feliu: A bright life cut short

Olivia Barfield

Joseph Feliu, 19, died due to health complications following a stroke Sep. 2. Feliu was a sophomore political science major from Olive Branch, MS.

Feliu was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a long-term inflammatory condition, in May 2015. According to his mother, Michelle Grantham Feliu, that is when his struggles began.

His mother says that after a year and a half of not getting it under control, Feliu was struck with a massive, ulcerative clolitis-related stroke.

After a three-week battle to overcome the damage of the stroke, Feliu lost his life.

Feliu’s mother says that he was a passionate man with a lot of ambition.

“He loved drumming most and played with the Olive Branch Marching Band and was drumline captain,” Michelle said.

She adds that Feliu’s dream was to march with the Cavaliers Drum Corp and to one day become president of the United States.

“He loved his family, friends and his country, and as a life donor he died a hero in our eyes,” Michelle said.

Feliu will be missed by many on campus including several of his atmospheric science friends said atmospheric science major, Collin Landry.

Feliu spent his first year at ULM as an atmospheric science major before changing to political science. He was an active member in the American Meteorological society until health complications prevented him from being on campus.

“Joseph was truly the life of the party. He was always very energetic and loved hanging out,” Landry said. He added that Feliu was very driven and motivated.