Filling in for the fountain

Kandice Johnson

What will replace the tradition?

By this point, everyone on campus must have noticed the big obstruction right in the center of the quad. The central embedded fountain is finally being replaced by an enclosed fountain.

The new fountain will be a  three tier brick fountain with four brick benches for students to sit.

ULM started the renovation over the summer, and the new fountain is set to finish some time this semester.

Along with this new renovation, students also noticed that running through the fountain in Scott Plaza was officially removed from the 50 things to do before you graduate list this school year.

While no one seems to know the history  behind the student tradition, running through the fountain during the hot summer PREP sessions became a memory that’s left strong impressions on many Warhawks.

“I heard a lot about it coming in,” said Lisa Rhodes, a sophomore biology major. “I thought it was really fun and definitely worth the mess. I’m glad I was able to participate.”

The Scott Plaza fountain was the base for staff and students to meet, but the new renovations caused confusion.

“We had to move to the area in front of the SUB and didn’t really have a definite area to circle around for spirit competitions or to meet back up with groups after going to certain activities,” said Macey Green, a PREP staff member and sophomore atmospheric science major.

“ It got confusing for the students to find where everyone was.”

Although she never had the chance to run through the fountain, Green assures the fountain run was a great way to cool off during the summer heat and made PREP more fun.

Although the old student traditon will no longer continue on, a new tradition could take its place.

Megan Kirk, a senior communication major suggested a coin be tossed into the fountain.

“We can put a coin in our freshman year and take one out when we graduate,” said Kirk.

Kim Mayberry, a sophomore social work major, said taking selfies by the new fountain and creating a hashtag to share with others would be a fun idea.

Eddie Raimundi III, a junior kinesology, said singing the fight song and the aluma mater around the fountain before game day could be a new tradition.

Taylor Ivey, an alumna at ULM, said though the idea isn’t original, a wishing well would be a good tradition.