An extrordinary experience with unique cars


ULM Hawkeye

Cars are one of the most common forms of modern transportation. They get people from point A to point B and back to point A.

But there are some cars that are made for more than monotonous point to point transportation.

These are meticulously crafted pieces of machinery that people have worked on for countless hours.

I have had a fascination with the more elite vehicles for most of my life.

thumbnail_GT-RThis weekend, I had the privilege to drive a few premier examples offered by Porsche, Ferrari and Nissan. Reading and seeing these cars is one part of the fantasy of knowing the cars exist, but driving them is a whole other adventure.

The adrenaline rush of 500 plus horsepower is something most couldn’t prepare for. The extreme grip offered by the race-prepped suspension kept the car steady while I was tossed around in the seat like a ship in a storm.

It’s cars like these that I enjoy the most. There are cars out there that aren’t worth six figures, yet they are just as special because they are unique to the owner.

Some owners would rather have a car that they could personally customize.

Some vehicles are just uncommon, yet they have a surprisingly low price tag.

Cars are unique to their owners for a host of reasons, and I have seen a few of these unique looking vehicles on campus.

If you think your vehicle is unique, whether it’s by special modifications, it has a limited production run or it’s the only one of its kind on campus, let me know.

I’d like to feature your car for the campus car people to see.