This alliance will become a strong one

This alliance will become a strong one

Cory Thaxton

“We started GSA because we felt like we needed one on campus. It’s college, why can’t we be gay? Why can’t we be queer? Why can’t we be allies?” Said Austin Dicus, junior biology major and Secretary of the Gay Straight Alliance.

The new GSA held its first meeting on Thursday on the third floor of the library. Dicus felt that was important to have a resource for the LGBT community on campus.

Dominic Calvo, senior Spanish major, said that life has been a struggle for him and he would encourage anyone who is struggling with there sexuality to get involved with groups like GSA because you will be around people who have or are going through the same things that you are.

Alison Brabham, a sophomore english major and vice president of GSA, said that they want the LGBT community on campus to have a sense of togetherness.

They plan to focus on education and philanthropy first before they begin to plan “nights of  fun.”

She said their main goal is “educating the community and public, becoming a resource on campus and a safe place for communicating on campus.

Benjamin Rhodes, a sophomore english major, was looking forward to attending the meeting.

“I really want to get involved in this community and form a community with others,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes is excited to show people on campus that they have pride, they exsist and they’re normal.

“This is definitely needed, especially for our area.”

Having a support system and a group to call home and people to relate to was important to have for all of the starting members: Bradham, Dicus and GSA president Cameron Primeaux, a sophomore toxocology major.

“We thought it was important to have for everyone on campus,” Dicus said.

Another main goal of theirs is acceptance and comfort.

GSA will also focus on  mental health, physical health and how to have a healthy relationship.

“Some of us in the LGBT community we start being in relationships a lot later in life than most people because we have to go through our own acceptence of ourselves and just finding someone is hard, so those resources aren’t out there for us,” Dicus said.

To get involved contact an officer or just come to the meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of every month in the library, room 3F at 6pm.