How to blow them away with your resume

ULM Hawkeye

The Career Connections office organized the Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshop Tuesday, which focused on writing a good resume and getting prepared for a job interview.

Career Services Counselor, Anna Gasperecz, was the main speaker for the event.    

Gasperecz said the average amount of time the employer spends in the first screening is seven seconds.

“A resume is like a personal marketing tool,” said Gasperecz. “A good resume is the first foot to the door of the job you want. It’s the first thing your employer sees.”

Gasperecz shared that a bad resume is a deal breaker. “You could be doing wonderful things, you could have leadership goals and have great grades but if all of that is not shown in the resume, it might perhaps prohibit you from getting the job,” said Gasperecz.

The most common mistake people make in the resume is the layout.

The name and contact information on the top is super important.

“Layout needs to be smooth, concise and easy to read,” said Gasperecz. “A lot of people sometimes have all kinds of things everywhere and it’s hard to figure out what’s going on.”

Although some students aren’t  actively involved in campus activities, their resume still has a chance to stand out.

Gasperecz recommended that students who do not have any college involvement whatsoever, can include relevant courses they have taken that could match with the job expressed.

Students can also include their personal research and projects they have done.

Adding your undergraduate grade point average is optional, but if you’re a graduate student it is unnecessary.

“If you have a 3.0 or above, you can put it there, but if you have below 3.0, leave it off,” said Gasperecz.

Depending on the job one is applying to, the resume may need to be tweaked each time.

“You shouldn’t take the same resume to all the jobs you apply,” said Gasperecz. “The tangible skills you have should coordinate with the job you are applying.”

Gasperecz said that the interview is the cornerstone for getting hired, and students should rehearse their interviews.

“Research the industry, practice, control your jitters and you get prepared for the interview,” said Gasperecz.

Alexandra Smith, a freshman pre-pharmacy major, learned about the workshop through her university seminar class.

“My teacher expressed that it was a really good workshop,” said Smith. “Plus it is also a grade for the class to go to a workshop.” said Smith.

Gasperecz said the event had a great turnout, and students were very enthusiastic. Gasperecz even said some students made appointments.

The Office of Career Connection will be hosting the Career Style show on Sept 21.