Hold your breath, you might miss somthing

ULM Hawkeye

“Don’t Breathe,” directed by Fede Alvarez, succeeds in every way.

Advertised as a chilling horror flick, the film surpasses any and all expectations and packs a punch.

The story follows a three-person ragtag team of amateur thieves making their money by breaking into the wealthiest homes.

All with different backgrounds, three teens, Rocky (played by Jane Levy), Alex (played by Dylan Minnette) and Money (played by Daniel Zovatto), all have one common goal: to pull off one last heist, with enough loot to ensure they never have to rob anyone again, and to get them to California for a fresh take on life.

However, the house they choose to rob is full of surprises.

Money discovers a house in an empty, rundown neighborhood in the worst part of Detroit.

The only tenant happens to be a blind military vet, known merely as “The Blind Man,” who sits on copious amounts of money after his daughter was killed in a car crash. What seems to be an embarrassingly easy theft, is anything but what they expect.

What ‘Don’t Breathe’ lacks in background, it makes up for in scare tactics.

Played by Stephen Lang, The Blind Man has impeccable hearing, and can even shoot a gun with better aim than most.

As the majority of the film takes place at night, he is right in his element, and this puts everyone in the house on level ground.

Because of the simplicity of the premise, this movie goes above and beyond. A simple break-in turns gruesome so quickly, and mayhem ensues throughout.

Definitely not a film for anyone with a weak stomach, but you should watch it anyway.

Viewers and critics alike have all received the film surprisingly well, considering how most horror movies fall flat.

The camera work feels so natural and real, it pulls the viewer in as if you were the one walking through the house. The filmscore, being as minimal as it is, proves that “less is better.” Alvarez makes great use of the lighting and timing throughout.

Tension runs rampant from beginning to end. Although the characters don’t have much story to them, the actors take what they have and run with it.

It is gripping, chillin and horrible in all the right ways. Don’t miss it.