Student Spolight: Kendrick Jones

Student Spolight: Kendrick Jones

ULM Hawkeye

Jones said his recent junior-year switch from pre-pharmacy to communication is allowing him to live out his passion.

For Jones, every day in the classroom is a gift. It was not his plan for this to happen.

“It’s happening and changing my life, I love it.”

Kendrick Terrell Jones was classified as a junior when he switched his major from pre-pharmacy to communication with a concentration in advocacy. He originally wanted to pursue something in the science field since high school.

Had Jones continued his ppursuit in pre-pharmacy, he would now be starting first year in pharmacy school.kendrick-headshot

“When I look back at it now, I feel that my friends kind of pressured me into the whole science field, and I pressured myself into it,” said Jones. “I made myself believe that I was passionate about pre-pharmacy, and I pursued it.”

Jones initially thought that it was stressful being in a difficult major, but he later realized that it wasn’t stress. It was force.

He felt himself forcing pre-pharmacy in his life.

“I realized sitting in a classroom, this is not what I am passionate about,” said Jones. “It was in that class that I began thinking and dreaming about the things I am actually passionate about. It is funny how that was made.”

When Jones initially embraced his true passion, he was scared, but he soon learned to accept it.

“One of the main things I discovered was that being passionate about something is okay. In fact, being passionate is the most successful thing one can do,” said Jones.

Jones said purpose is implemented in your passion.

He knew that switching to a new major would be a clean slate for him.

Though he realized he was leaving his professors with whom he had built some very good relationships, Jones still opted to go for a fresh start.

He said the communication classes are changing his life.

“These are days that were not intended for me,” said Jones.

Jones said communication gives students an environment to be passionate and make decisions to be passionate. “I have people from different walks of life in my class…we are all put in the same classroom,” said Jones. “What I love is that the dynamic is that we come in, and we actually speak. The professor talks less, and we talk more.”

“It’s not just a whole bunch of public speaking classes where everyone gives presentations every week, and you just write papers for the whole semester. That’s actually what I thought communication would be,” said Jones. “It’s literally an experience of a lifetime.”

With such a major switch came feelings of uncertainty. At first, Jones worried about the money.

Jones said although pharmacy is a six figure salary and a phenomenal career, he realized money isn’t everything…passion is.

“If you are not passionate about what you do, then what are you doing?”

Jones received nothing but support from his family. He said they heard his heart and knew what was burning in him.

Seth Hall, director of the high school recruitment and program recruitment, called Jones cheerful.

Hall met Jones for the first time during Jones’ freshman orientation.

“Jones is always smiling, he is really passionate about things and has a good attitude,” said Hall.

Though Hall believes all the ULM students are important to the university in different ways, Hall said Jones is a bit different than most.

“Jones is unique in that he has been involved in the Office of Recruitment and Admission. He has helped us and been kind of the face for the university,” said Hall. “He has done a great job with students helping them to transition from high school to college.”

Hall said Jones has done a great job trying not to over commit himself.

“He chooses something that he wants to do really well at,” said Hall.

Hall said he sees Jones working for the community ten years from now.

Kelly Buxton, a junior pharmacy major, describes Jones to be very determined and personable.

“He makes people feel they are important,” said Buxton. “If he says he is going to do something, he sticks to it. He is intentional with time and people. He makes people feel like they are valued.”

Buxton said that Jones knows many people on campus.

“If we plan to get food at 12, we won’t make it till 12:20, because he knows almost everybody,” said Buxton. “He says ‘Hey’ to people even if he does not know them.”

Buxton said that Jones inspires her to be more social.