Fabulous fall fashions for the frugal student


Cory Thaxton

Finally, fall again.

Time to stop sweating and break out those comfy clothes.

I know we are all tired of walking outside into the blistering heat. No matter what you wear whether it was a tank top or short shorts the sun just didn’t want you to be comfortable.

I will say this though, just because it is going to be a little cooler doesn’t mean it’s time to start wearing your sweaters, cardigans and those cute beanies. Do that, and you will still sweat. It’s going to be breezy but breezy isn’t bittering cold.

But, for those of you that want to look great without spending needed money on new clothes, listen up because this is for you.

Save a trip to the stores and break out that old t-shirt in your closet, or that old jumper, or those random plaid shirts, or an old dress or even a pair of old colored jeans.

Mix up your wardrobe with these tips on how to use what you already have in your closet.


1. Guys, I know rompers are for the ladies. But even we can pull them off.

They are comfy and quick. You could even buy a cheap onesie and cut the legs off and there, you have it, your romper.

2. Flannels and button ups are always a must. It’s all about layers. Use that three-year-old flannel that doesn’t fit your arms anymore and tie it around your waist with a matching t-shirt and skinny jeans. Or for the cooler days, roll the sleeves up and wear it like a jacket.

3. Girls, turn an old tie dye shirt into the most colorful sundress.

Just buy a cheap tie dye shirt that’s too many sizes too big and cut the sleeves off.

4. Ladies, you always need a romper for those fall occasions. They are loose, easy to find and cheap. Just about every clothing store has them. I would suggest H&M for cute rompers as cheap as $6.99.

5. Sundresses are always quick and easy. Short or long, both can be cool and comfy during this fall season. You can get them for as cheap as $9.00 at Forever 21.

Katelynn Giddens
Katelynn Giddens

I know I said save a trip to the store, but you can’t beat these prices.

6. Let’s talk about jeans. Everyone has a pair of go to jeans. Wear those with a graphic tee on those lazy days and you’ll be good to go.

7. Shoes are a great way to add something special to the simplest of outfits and for me, this season is all about boots, converse and slippers. Whether you want to go for a casual look or a night out on the town look. With the right color converse you can wear them with just about anything.

The right pair of boots you can were them with your most causal outfit or your Sunday’s best and same goes with the right pair of slippers for the ladies.

8. Jewelry is always hard to pick. Sometimes just choosing whether or not to even wear some is half the battle. Girls, don’t over do it. A simple bracelet will do.

Maybe a necklace if you feel like your chest is too naked. Guys, you can’t go wrong with a watch. I know a lot of us just check our phone, but if you’re searching for accessories, a watch is a quick way to add something unique to your outfit.


Remember, we are in Louisiana so it could stay scorching hot all fall, and if it does, hopefully these tips still help.