Police need better training

Cory Thaxton

I don’t know what to say, all I can do now is pray.

Another mother has lost her child.

Tyre King, 13, was fatally shot by police in Columbus, Ohio. Police were responding to an armed robbery. When officers attempted to take King and another male into custody, King pulled out a “gun” from his waistband and an officer shot him multiple times. Turns out it wasn’t a firearm. It was a BB gun.

I don’t think the problem is that cops don’t think black lives matter, because it is a fact that more whites are killed by cops each year than blacks.

I believe the problem is the way police officers are trained to handle certain situations.

I’m not saying all cops are bad and none of them know how to do their jobs, but with recent events, some need to take a step back and learn how to serve and protect without killing.

Police are supposed to protect us, and if they are the ones killing people, then what sense of safety will we have as a society? None if you ask me.

With all the riots and outrage, if this continues to happen, it will get to a point were we won’t even trust the police to do their job.

What if it gets to point that police can’t use their firearms at all? Well, officers have a target on their backs now, which would put their lives in danger and obviously their lives matter too. Especially sense they risk their lives every single day for our safety.

It’s a sticky situation, I know. And the solution might not be that simple, but we should at least start with how officers are trained.

I feel like they are trained to react off impulse and not to fully assess the situation. Even the simple situations such as speeding.

It’s like cops are so scared these days that their first reaction is to pull out their gun instead of writing you a ticket and let you go about your day. We, not just blacks but everyone, can’t even get pulled over for speeding without worrying about if we are going to leave alive or not.

Literally, if I drive by a cop, I look in my rear view to make sure he doesn’t turn around to follow.

I was in class and one girl asked the professor, “Aren’t they trained to shoot you in the leg or something to stop you?” The professor replied along with most of the class that no, in fact, they are trained to shoot the midsection. They are trained to kill you.

Police officers shouldn’t want to hurt us.

They are supposed to deescalate the situation, and if it comes to the point of pulling out their gun, then they follow certain steps like warning shots. But now it’s like they shoot first and ask questions later.

It’s almost like all cops need to go back to training and essentially start over. I know that’s impractical, but we need to start somewhere.

The same thing keeps happening over and over again, and no one is doing anything to change it. That’s not normal.

The #BlackLivesMatter, slogan is not policy. Get out there and do something about it peacefully instead of letting those who only want to cause more trouble represent the entire movement. It’s like when you were a kid and you talked back to your mom, and you knew everytime you did it, you got popped. You make the connection that talking back gets you hit, therefore you stop talking back. Same thing in this case.