Those who can’t succeed, pout when not in lead

Cory Thaxton

Countries are not corporations. Businessmen are not politicians.

Running the country isn’t a business.

A nation’s “workers”-it’s citizens- are both the shareholders and its main customers. A country’s economic success is not measured by the profit its government makes, like a business, but by the wealth it returns to its citizens.

So what am I saying? Monday’s debate only furthermore proved why Donald Trump should not be president of the United States.

After the debate was over, every major news station I turned to said the same thing, that Trump started off strong and won the first 15 to 45 minutes of the debate, but Hillary Clinton won overall. Well, they got one thing right, and that’s that Clinton won.

Trump never really answered any of the questions. He was all over the place with both his “answers” and his emotions. Clinton kept her composure the entire time, even during Trump’s constant interrupts.

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and Trump advisor, said that if Trump didn’t show up for the next two debates “Clinton still wouldn’t win.”

If Trump didn’t show up for the next two debates he really wouldn’t win.

This was only the first debate, and Trump interrupted Clinton over 30 times according to several different sources. In a real debate, that would lose you some points.   

He kept repeating words like Obama, ISIS, China, “law and order.” Go watch Special Victims Unit, Trump.

On top of that, there was all of the lying.

Clinton said that Trump’s businesses filed for bankruptcy six times, Trump said it was only four times. Clinton was right.

Trump claimed “the record shows” he was opposed to the Iraq War before it started, but there is no record of that.

He denied saying that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, when in fact in 2012 he tweeted that it was.

He claimed he didn’t say that pregnancy is an inconvenience when, in fact he did.

In a post interview with CNN, a reporter asked him if he meant to say he was smart for not paying any federal taxes and he responded, “no, I didn’t say that at all.”  But that’s exactly what he said.

Gov. Christie said that fact checkers have a political agenda. Well, some might, but the facts themselves don’t.

Not all of Clinton’s information was correct, true, but at least she stayed on topic and didn’t just go off in every direction like a five-year-old in Toys’R’Us.

A lot of people want to say that Clinton can’t be trusted because of those darn emails. Well, here’s what I think. Nothing that has been deleted on the internet is lost forever. The FBI did an entire investigation, and I’m sure they have read the emails. If the whole email thing was an actual problem, Clinton would not be a presidential candidate in the first place. She would be in a jail cell somewhere or relinquished from any further duties.

Clinton’s mistakes are smalled compared to Trump’s.

Like this whole Rosie O’Donnell thing. First of all, that shouldn’t even have been brought up in the debate at all, but it was. He basically called her a pig and during the debate he said that everyone probably agrees with him and that she deserved to be called that.

Then he claimed Clinton doesn’t have the look or the stamina to be president. And towards the end he began to disrespect the moderator, Lester Holt of NBC.

There was one moment when Holt asked Trump a question and after giving him the run around, Holt tried to speed things along.

Trump smarted off by saying, “you asked me a question, didn’t you?” I was glad I wasn’t Holt in that moment, or Trump would have gotten a few choice words.

Now, lets talk about the fact that he has paid nothing in federal taxes. According to Clinton, “that’s zero for troops, zero for veterans, zero for schools or health.”

Then Trump goes on to talk about how our country has tremendous problems and that we’re a, “debtor nation” and he said that all of the nations money has been wasted on Clinton’s ideas when we need all these new things like schools and roads. Well, I agree with Clinton. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t been paying any federal taxes for a long time.

He wants to lower taxes? Sure, that might benefit some, but he doesn’t pay any.

After an hour and a half of back and forth with relevant information from Clinton and propaganda from Trump, it finally came to an end.

At the end, Trump continued to prove why he is not fit to run this country.

While Clinton joined her family and began to talk and shake hands with audience members, there Trump was standing on the stage with his family, all with petty smirks on their faces as they walked off the stage not saying a word to anyone.

Almost like they knew he didn’t do very well. In fact, his campaign didn’t have anything to say immediately following the debate. Which usually means they don’t know what to say yet.

This was a debate of emotion versus preparation. While Clinton was well prepared, Trump reacted off impulse.

You don’t want someone reacting off of impulse in the White House with the codes to nuclear bombs. I know I don’t.

And, as we all know, Trump does not have a “winning temperament.” The crowd actually laughed when he said that, as did I.

I know some people will read this and could probably tell me every single thing that Clinton has done wrong or how many times she has lied, but come on, what has our country come to if we let a reality star be President?

These are the two main opinions we have, whether we like it or not, please choose the more rational one.

Think of the presidency as a track relay. In a relay race the first runner hands off a baton to the next runner and so on and so forth.

Well, who do you want Obama to hand off the baton to? Clinton or Trump? If you say Trump, think about about it. Trump will never get us closer to the finish line.