Iggy ignites show


Cory Thaxton

This diva from down under lit the Fant-Ewing Coliseum Thursday night.

The Campus Activities Board hosted Australian rapper Iggy Azalea for their first ever homecoming week concert.

While the Warhawks celebrated 85 years at home this homecoming week, Azalea came a long way to bring rap entertainment to students.

” I had to wake up a two o’clock this morning,” she said during her set.

Another female rapper Dreezy performed as Azalea’s opener, and she brought a fire of her own.

She didn’t come out until her DJ got the crowd “turned up” and when she did hit the stage, the party continued.

From fans to students who had never heard of her believed Dreezy interacted with the crowd very well.

“I think Dreezy did a great job. She worked the crowd well and gave them a chance to get on stage with her,” Demorigeal Tuner, senior dental hygiene major, said.

Two students and even a drag queen were allowed on stage to dance with Dreezy to the song “Work” by Rihanna and Dreezy’s last song.

After about a 20-minute intermission, the stage was dark, with only a single spot light on a large black curtain.

Dancers came from both sides of the stage and stood in position staring at the audience.

The music began to play, the curtain opened, and out walked Miss Fancy herself. The crowd went wild as she began to sing her song “Work.”

Iggy did a complete set of her most popular songs including her number one hits such as: “Fancy,” Black Widow” and her collaboration with Ariana Grande “Problem”.

She also performed, “Booty” which is a Jennifer Lopez song that Iggy is featured on, and “Trouble,” which features R&B artist Jennifer Hudson.

Collin Landry, junior atmospheric science major, really liked the vibe he felt throughout the entire coliseum.

“The best part was when she sang her more well-known songs and the audience was able to connect more and sing along the entire song,” Landry said.

A lot of students knew her more popular songs but found a love for Iggy Azalea after attending this concert.

Dani Watkins, junior biology major, said for her, the best part of the show was giving Iggy a chance.

“I just knew her popular song…and now I actually have a newfound appreciation for her as a hard working, good-show-giving artist,” Watkins said.

“I can’t wait to play her on repeat.”

Everyone’s favorite part was getting to “turn up” with their friends.

“I had a super good time because she put on a great show and I was with my friends,” Watkins said.

Turner thinks Dreezy and Iggy did a great job performing.

“They were so beautiful,” Turner said. “I just loved the energy they gave…and having my friends there made it better.”

Landry hopes CAB brings more big names like Iggy Azalea to ULM.

“I was so exited to see such a big name come to ULM and that it was an artist I actually listen to,” Landry said.

Drezzy and Iggy definitely pleased the crowd.

They were some truly fancy ladies.