Halloween ball’s fairy tail ending


ULM Hawkeye

Jami Holmes put on her long, blonde wig and smiled in the mirror.

Sleeping Beauty knew she wasn’t going to be sleeping much tonight.

Flanked by three colorful fairy godmothers, the princess made her way to the ball.

Holmes, a senior public relations major, went to SGA’s Halloween Ball Thursday with her friends as “Sleeping Beauty” characters.

“Who doesn’t want to pretend they are fairies and princesses, even just for one night?” Holmes said.

The Halloween Ball, which is held each year in Brown Gym, gives cash awards to the best costumes in three categories: women’s, men’s and group.

Holmes and her green, blue and pink fairy friends, Shaylynn Haynes, Julia Gaston and Abby Turnbow cast a charm on the crowd and won the night’s group costume contest.

While there, the four met the antagonist they were missing.

Devin Coarsey, a junior radiology major, dressed as Maleficent and stole the crowd’s heart with her award-winning outfit.

Coarsey won the women’s category and had a great time when she wasn’t busy taking over the kingdom.

“The music was great, and the meatballs were even better,” Coarsey said of the DJ

and free food.

The Ball featured DJ Grave Digga, who kept the dance floor scary full.

Sleeping Beauty didn’t even miss the sleep she lost.

“I had a blast seeing everyone get creative with their costumes, and I loved hanging out with my friends after a long week,” Holmes said.

Janson Nowell, a freshman marketing major, won the men’s costume contest with his representation of a “one night stand.”

Nowell used a cardboard box to make himself into a dresser drawer complete with some common bedside items like a red Solo cup and a picture of President Bruno.

Nowell was glowing, and not just because he won.

He put a functional lamp on top of his head to finish off his bedside setup.

Aside from winning the costume contest, Nowell’s favorite part about the ball was DJ Grave Digga.

“He kept going all night,  and not once did my friends and I want to leave the dancefloor,” he said.

When the ball ended, everyone was left with a “happily ever after” feeling.

It may have been the infectious Halloween spirit in the air, or it may have been the cash bar.