Sack seals overtime win


Kandice Johnson

Both teams wanted to be crowned Saturday night’s winner, but the Warhawks came through in the bitter end, beating the Jaguars 42-35 in overtime.

Before the game-winning play, referees gave players and fans false hope by calling a pass made to wide receiver RJ Turner a touchdown. Referees then realized the catch was out of bounds.

The setback didn’t shake the ULM football team, as they came back with a zinger.

The crowd roared when starting quarterback Caleb Evans linked with wide receiver Marcus Green for the o cial overtime touchdown.

When linebacker Cortez Sisco Jr. sacked South Alabama quarterback Dallas Davis four plays later, the roars became ear-piercing.

“I knew I was going to be open, so when I ran, I just knew he was throwing it to me,” Green said. “When I turned around, there the ball was. I

just had to catch it. Get two feet in.” throughout the game, both teams were neck-and-neck in making touchdowns.

The Warhawks wasted no time putting seven on the board, scoring a touchdown within the first five minutes of the game.

For a moment, it seemed ULM would maintain dominance on the scoreboard, but the Jaguars quickly bounced back in the second drive, running the ball 55 yards into the end zone.

ULM attempted a eld goal kick at the 45-yard line, but whether it was the temperature drop or the Jaguar fans chanting “block that kick,” the eld goal went wide.

Upping the ante, South Alabama held the lead on touchdowns in the third quarter, but like the diamonds they are, pressure made the Warhawk offense shine in the fourth quarter and overtime.

Running back Thomas Koufie made two of the crucial touchdowns needed to get a winning gain over the Jaguars, making the score 35-28.

In the first touchdown, Koufie rushed for nine yards, while for the second touchdown he rushed for two yards.

Coach Viator praised his quarterback for his “hot hands,” but Evans was humbly recognized the offensive effort.

“I feel like our receivers are the best in the conference. If feel like when it’s in their hands, they can make plays for me,” Evans said.

“They made me look bigger than I was, and I all I have to do is give them the ball and they’ll be straight.”

The ULM offense tried to bleed out the clock, but once the Jaguars got the ball with one minute and 58 seconds left, the ULM defensive let South Alabama slip in the end zone to tie the game with a touchdown.

South Alabama cheers soon met the haunting reality of a loss when the Warhawks delivered in overtime.

Head coach Matt Viator said tonight’s win was not about him, but the players.

“ The last two weeks didn’t look good, but they come to practice. ey work,” Viator said. “A home game like this against a good team like (South) Alabama…I’m happier for these guys.”

The Warhawks will travel to Atlanta, Ga., next Saturday to play against Georgia State.