ULM launches digital view book for prospects

Kandice Johnson

ULM is trading paper for electronics.

The new digital book was made public on Halloween. Digital Wave designed the digital book and the ULM Admissions Department commissioned it.

According to the department, the paper books limited information on campus programs. The size of the book also overwhelmed the reader.

“No matter if you open it on a computer, smartphone or tablet, the view book will adjust to the space and size of the device,” said Seth Hall, the director of high school recruitment on ULM’s website.

Hall said the digital book helps the university answer questions easier as well as give students a more personal experience.

Once on the page, potential students pick the majors they’re considering, the organizations they’re interested in and the photo theme they love.

The digital view book allows ULM to adapt to new technology to attract students. Hall said this will allow ULM to be ahead of the curve for admissions.

Digital Wave has made digital view books for many other prominent universities such as Rutgers and the University of Kentucky.