Yapalooza: Students share experiences

Photo by Siddharth Gaulee

Photo by Siddharth Gaulee

Pujan Dahal

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Delaney Driver does not like to spend money on “material things.” She likes to spend money on traveling.

As St. Augustine once said, “the world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”
Stubbs 100 was full of students and professors on Thursday evening who came together for the Fall 2016 Ya- palooza.

Attendees listened to speakers like Driver who shared their life experiences.

The program was sponsored by the ULM Speech and Debate forum.

Professor Mara Loeb, Kendrick Jones, junior communication advocacy major and Delaney Driver, senior communication advocacy major were the speakers.

Driver said she has a really big heart for traveling. She has lived in several places and traveling has shaped her to be a different person.

Driver likes to share her traveling experience with other people, so they know that there is so much more when you travel instead of buying material things.

From Alaska to Hawaii and from Jamaica to Mexico, Driver has waved her bag everywhere.

She worked for an orphanage home in Jamaica where she went for a mission trip, and that has been her favorite traveling destination so far.

“Getting to see another side of life from America is really life changing to me,” Driver said.

Driver, who is originally from Texas, is having a wonderful undergraduate experience at ULM.

She is taking this as a chance to learn as well as travel and explore at the same time.

She further expressed that planning is the most important asset for bag packers.

“Make sure that everything is put together before you drive or y to travel,” she said.

Driver has an open mind when she travels.

“If things do not go with the way you think, just go with it. at’s when most of the fun happens,” she said.

Kendrick Jones took his turn to speak about “Choosing a Major: Crossroads of Passion and Purpose.”

His choice of major has made an impact in a crazy way.

Jones changed his major from pharmacy to communication, and this was his story for the night.

Jones said that if people would do what they want to do, the entire workforce would change in one day.

Jones said that he changed his major and his major is changing him.

Professor Catherine Turner S. Wilson said that there is no shortage of talent in the students of ULM.

She awarded the commendable students of the communication program with the scholarship money and con- gratulated them at the end of the program.