Trojan ranks ULM sexual health low with no info

Olivia Barfield

Trojan Condoms conducts a sexual health survey every year that has ranked ULM poorly since 2011 but has not gathered information from the school health clinic, according to head nurse practitioner Yolanda Camper.

Camper said the company who does the research for Trojan has not contacted her.

“I haven’t gotten one in years,” Camper said about the survey.

However, the research company, Sperling’s Best Places, said they reached out to Camper but have not received a response since the clinic switched to Affinity in 2013.

Camper said that if the survey was being sent, it may not have made it to her because of the number of people things have to go through at Affinity.

Regardless, Camper doesn’t know where they are getting their information from.

Camper has worked at the university clinic since 2005 and has received phone calls as part of the survey in the past, but not recently.

Despite ranking low on the Trojan Sexual Health Survey for years, ULM avoided the bottom ten ranking by one spot this year and was ranked as number 130 out of 140. is is the rst time the school has avoided the bottom ten in two years and is seven spots higher than last year’s ranking of 137 out of 140.

Bert Sperling, lead researcher of the report, said that ULM’s ranking got better because other schools got worse, not because ULM got better.

“We didn’t see any significant changes in our scoring categories…but schools can change position in the Sexual Health Report Card rankings without any change in their services, because everything is graded ‘on a curve,’” Sperling said.

e survey is largely based on students’ access to contraceptives and condoms on campus. e survey says it ranks campuses nationwide “according to resource availability and initiatives in place to improve sexual health.”

Free condoms used to be available on campus but were taken away as part of a budget cut, according to the health clinic.

Camper said that despite not having free condoms available, the clinic still o ers several sexual education workshops a year and o ers testing for HIV and other STDs.