School sees increase in enrollment

ULM Hawkeye

Spring enrollment at ULM is up from last year, despite the tuition increase and TOPS reduction. The university is up 1,258 scheduled credit hours and 173 students.

According to Eric Pani, vice president of Academic Affairs, the biggest scheduled credit hour gain was in the College of Business and Social Sciences. There was also a healthy increase in the graduate school program.

Undergraduates have increased by 139 students and the number of graduate students has increased by 27. With a total of 97,837 scheduled credit hours, ULM currently has 8,489 students enrolled for the spring 2017 semester.

That includes undergraduate, masters, specialist, professional and doctorate programs.   

Although the increase was only a slight one, Pani believes the university will be just fine this year.

“Unless we get a budget cut from the state, the rest of the year should look pretty good from a financial standpoint,” Pani said.

ULM is growing despite the financial hardships the state is already facing.