Watch her performance, not her body

Megan Kirk, Copy Editor

Lady Gaga slayed the Super Bowl Halftime show last Sunday. There’s no disputing that.

She sang while flipping through the air. Her voice never faltered.

She did four costume changes while she was still on stage, each costume more vibrant and fierce than the last.

She hit some crazy dance moves while singing, which requires a crazy amount of endurance to pull off.

I have no doubt that hours upon hours of preparation went into that performance.

Training. Rehearsals. Conditioning. I’m not saying she did it all by herself, but I think it’s safe to say that she worked just as hard as the football players did.

But despite her hard work, preparation and flawless performance, she was still shamed.

Not for her performance, though. For her body.

She hadn’t even finished her last song before people took to social media to criticize the way her “belly” looked, as she wore a crop top with her last costume.

There were tweets such as, “whoever designed Lady Gaga’s final outfit shouldn’t have let her expose her belly. It wasn’t flattering.”

Another one said, “tried to enjoy Lady Gaga’s performance, was distracted by the flab on her stomach swinging around.”

Now, I’m not a die-hard Gaga fan, but these kinds of comments really get under my skin.

To me, it says it doesn’t matter how hard I work to achieve my goals, my appearance still holds more value.

Her showstopping performance was completely negated for these people simply because she showed that she has a real, normal human stomach.

It’s childish and unnecessary.

To the people who mocked her confidence: Let’s see what you look like in a crop top.