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Screaming campus ‘preachers’ won’t spread Christianity

Kaitlynn Harris, [email protected]

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Christians can make it hard for other people to know Christ. You heard me right, Christians can be the road block in God’s way sometimes without truly meaning to. Most of them live in the realm of hypocrisy.

Whether you think so or not, at some point in your life you have done or said something hypocritical. This is human nature; sin is human nature. Sometimes people mean well, but they just don’t think it through before they try to minister.

Then there are those such as Brother Jed and his “Campus Ministry” that feed us false information.

God loves everyone, yes everyone. God loves the adulterers, the homosexual, the transgendered and even the murderer. He does not hate you, and He does not hate me.

God hates sin, plain and simple.

God continues to love the sinner and hope that they will come back to Him. He does not hope for your failure or damnation.

Those people who scream and tell you that you are going to hell don’t realize that they will never reach people this way. They would be more successful if they were to sit down and have actual conversations with people. People like this should also start telling the whole story and not just the part they want to use for their benefit.

People always use the saying “only God can judge me” to justify their misdeeds. So many song and movie writers like to use this saying, but it is only a half-truth.

God may judge people to hell, others may not. As in Matthew 7:3-5 Jesus says that you cannot judge your neighbor’s eye while there is a plank in your own.

Christians are called to make righteous judgments, but  not to judge the actual acts of others. We are to lift one another up and help each other grow toward God.

People make mistakes, this isn’t anything new.

Now time for something very cliché.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that you may not perish, but have ever lasting life.” Jesus died to save everyone, not just the self-righteous that think they are better than others.

No matter your background, no matter your sins, no matter what you have done or what you have thought. God forgives, God loves.

I know because I have needed his forgiveness so many times in my life. Nobody is perfect.

Never believe you are any less just because of what some people put in your head.

You are loved.

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Screaming campus ‘preachers’ won’t spread Christianity