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Girls are more vicious than guys

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Women are the worst of all bullies.

We are prone to viciousness. Society tries to paint us as innocent and kind and loving, and although we may be all those things, we are also mean and cruel to one another for no reason.

As someone who has both male and female friends, I’ve noticed that my female friends are more likely to comment on negative things about other girls, whereas my guy friends tend to notice the nicer things about them. 

This happens so often that we barely even notice it.

Last week I went to Houma with my sister and friends. Anyone who’s ever been to a parade knows that there are some odd costumes to be seen. Some people even use them as a place to display all their latest clothing. 

While my guy friends were commenting on the greatness of the shoes other men were wearing, the females of the group were commenting on the outfit failures of some, while ignoring the really spectacular successes of others. 

It’s like we don’t want each other to excell. We can’t help but notice the bad in each other.

It’s as if we don’t have anything better to do than bash each other.

Sometimes it’s jealousy, other times its finding a need to compensate for what we think are our own drawbacks, and sometimes it’s because we don’t even realize we’re doing it. I know I’m guilty of the same things.

It changes with my moods. One minute I’m out and about and I see someone I might not particularly like and I’m downright evil with my friends. But I also saw the same thing every day in high school.

There was this mean girls pack, the more popular girls that had their daddies’ money. They seem like the best of friends, hanging out all the time, going on group dates, always together during school.

But you know what happens when one of the elite misses class one day? They lead the entire class in mocking that one person. Spending a class period counting the amount of people they have kissed/had sex with and making up horrible nicknames for them.

Nobody can tell me girls aren’t vicious, that they aren’t worse than anything else. I have seen it first hand, I’ve heard it and I myself have unfortunately done it.

Women are a breed all on their own, vicious, sometimes maniacal and downright mean. You’re right to be offended by those words, because that isn’t all we are.

We can be sweet, demure and graceful. But more often than not they are the first group of characteristics.

Not all girls are mean girls, of course.

But when most are, unfortunately that becomes the norm to be associated with all women. Our generation has a movie literally called “Mean Girls.” Guys can be mean too, don’t get me wrong.

There have been several incidents dealing with guys and their locker room bullying but even that differs from women. Girls will clown each other about the types of underclothing they’re wearing or how fat others are while changing for gym.

I’ve even seen girls bullied for not using tampons while menstrating and vice versa.

On the other hand, guys tend to tease about failing at sports or how hot they find a classmates mom. No matter what the cause, women  just seem to always go for the jugular.

It’s not enough for them to have a few laughs at your expense.

They want to absolutely destroy you emotionally with the kinds of things they can come up with.

And if you already have low self-esteem, their taunts can become a death sentence. 

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Girls are more vicious than guys