Girls no worse than guys with drama


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Women are not more dramatic than men. Traditionally? Yes. Realistically? No. And when we pretend that women are more dramatic or more petty or bully more just because they’re women, we feed stereotypes that tell boys and girls what they can and can’t be.

Yes, girls can be horrible. They can be sly, wicked little monsters out to ruin lives and get the hottest prom date. I admit to being a victim of girl-on-girl bullying.

In high school, one of my best friends turned on me because I didn’t like the boy she was dating. She stopped talking to me. She spread rumors about me. But I never was one for caring, so I made it through.

We can’t say that boys are any better, though. I’ve been the victim of boy bullying too. Boys can be just as nasty as girls, and in my experience, nastier.

Between both instances, the boy-spread rumors are the ones that got me sweating the most.

And it’s not even fair to say that boys and girls do drama in different ways. Things generally don’t pan out like that.

Most of the time, we hear of girls being the tricksters that have a long-term bullying plan and stick to it.

We see the mean girl group presented over and over again, movie after movie. For boys, we usually see a bully who verbally and physically abuses others and can get away with it because of his size or football team backing.

But I’ve met way too many petty boys and seen way too many girl fist fights to agree that this divide is a firm one. And why should it be?

Why does it matter how the different genders are supposed to bully? Why does it matter whether “girl bullying” or “boy bullying” is worse?

It doesn’t, because we need to stop defining genders by the stereotypes they’ve been assigned.

Even when it comes to how people go about being mean.I usually detest lumping people into behavioral categories based on gender.

You know, the whole “men are more likely to fall in love first, women are more prone to wash the dishes,” kind of statements.

Are these generalizations sometimes true? Yes, of course. Generalizations tend to have examples.

A lot of the time, however, these grouped-up assumptions don’t do the genders justice. As almost anyone can attest to, no one belonging to any group can be defined by solely being a part of that group.

People are fluid.

The human race is one big mess of characteristics mashed together to make millions of different people who don’t have to do things a certain way because of their gender.

We go round and round with this stereotyping. We constantly say that little girls are the worst, or teenage girls are the meanest, or whatever else.

And we are surprised again and again when the daughters are the ones throwing punches and the the sons are the ones planting secrets in the halls.

If you’re a female and you’ve only ever been the victim of girl bullying, then don’t just assume girls are the worst.

I mean, I wouldn’t go try to make an enemy out of a man, but you could and you will see that they can be just as bad. Gender doesn’t have to do with anything.

No, females aren’t any worse than males when it comes to drama. It doesn’t matter what you heard growing up. This generalization isn’t well thought out.