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We deserve more than just a month

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Black History Month should not exist.

Before you say this is racist, I ask that you read this entire article before judging.

The entire meaning behind this “holiday” is incredibly submissive in its very nature. We fought for equality and to appease us they gave us a month dedicated solely to our accomplishments in history. But our history, Black history, is American history.

Our history is so intricately entwined with everything that America is, you can’t separate it. So many of the inventions that we have today were given to us by black people.

Imagine how many accidents that happen every single day. Now imagine how many times that number would multiply if it wasn’t for Garret Morgan inventing stop lights.

There are few people who can say that they don’t like potato chips of some sort, and you can thank George Crum for that nifty invention.

Think about how time-consuming hanging clothes out to dry would be. Thanks to George T. Sampson’s dryer patent, we don’t have to live in that reality.

How many people had a Super Soaker as a child? I definitely begged my parents for one. They were the ultimate summer toy. Lonnie G. Johnson deserves thanks for that.

Black American slaves even built the home that President Trump is currently living in. We have done so much for this country, and it can not be observed or appreciated fully in the span of 28-29 days.

Not to mention it’s also the shortest month in the year. It’s also been taken over by Valentine’s Day and in the South, Mardi Gras.

I for one, didn’t even remember it was Black History Month until I heard an advertisement for a program that was being held at the end of the month.

Instead of featuring all the amazing people who have contributed to this country, many schools just do a Black History program at the end of the month and they barely scratch the surface of what Black Americans have actually done.

This needs to change. If you want to spotlight our history in a month, then at least spotlight it for the entire month and not wait until the end.

A lot of Black Americans feel that we need this month to talk about all the accomplishments of our people. But we don’t need a month. We need a reformation of the system.

We need to rewrite the history books to reflect the contributions of all Americans. More importantly, have the teachers actually teach this history instead of skipping over certain chapters that paint this country in a negative light. Our past is what shapes us and defines who we are.

We can’t shine a light on the things that make us look great and hide the ugly parts in a cupboard under the stairs. 

I know this is an unpopular position, but I feel the need to point out that it is mostly our culture who yell about equality.

Well if we are truly a melting pot and want true equality, we would notice that although there are things like Asian American heritage month or Native American Heritage month or even Caucasian history month, these are not widely known celebrations and I personally have never heard any of my teachers or professors acknowledge them.

Many people don’t even know that there is a Hispanic Heritage month. It begins on Sept. 15 and lasts until the same day in October.

I didn’t even know this until I saw it on Disney Channel a couple of years ago.

If everyone was properly educated on all the positives that every ethnic group has contributed to this great nation, then maybe we wouldn’t have all this hatred. Ignorance is not always bliss.

Educating our society can only lead to a better society.

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We deserve more than just a month