Gay LeFou will lead to something more

There is nothing wrong with LeFou being gay in Disney’s new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Gays don’t have an agenda, regardless of popular belief. No, we don’t want everything to be gay. We just want the same rights as everyone else and to be treated like actual humans. That’s all we want.

I don’t understand what the big deal is about LeFou being gay in the new live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.” I haven’t seen the movie yet either but its not like there is a sex scene or even a gay kiss for heaven sake it’s a children’s movie. Why is everyone so up in arms about this?

Theaters are refusing to show the movie? Parents aren’t going to take their child to go see it? Wait what? Do you think your little boy is going to walk out of their liking other little boys? Well, no.

Josh Gad, the man that plays LeFou, said that the script never said that the character was gay and director, Bill Condon, only described the scene in question as a “wonderful gay moment.” It’s not like he’s going to be running around the entire movie screaming “I’m gay!”

Yes, a gay film, did win Best Picture at this year at the Oscars but that doesn’t mean we have reached the peak of progress when it comes to accepting gays in general in our society and I personally didn’t like the movie but that’s a different story. So, Disney putting a gay character in their movie is progress. It’s progress for them anyway.

Disney owns ABC and Freeform (formally ABC Family) and both networks feature gay TV shows. But, when people think of Disney, they don’t associate it with those other networks. They think about singing princesses, fairy tales, toys that come to life, and memories from their childhood, not gay characters. Disney also owns Marvel Studios, Lucas Film (Star Wars), Touchstone Pictures, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime and even The History Channel. But none of those scream Disney when you watch it.

How can we compare Disney to the other networks it owns? They are nothing alike and probably barley acknowledges each other’s existence when it comes to programming. Just because some of their other networks have shows with gay characters doesn’t mean Disney isn’t progressing with the release of this movie.

Disney is the most mainstream thing that exist and they have to be careful what they put in their movies because audiences have become so used to the same types of stories from Disney.

It wasn’t until Disney Pixar’s movie “Brave” in 2012 that Disney realized the princess didn’t need a prince to be happy and everyone was excited about that. Why can’t we be excited about this too?

I get it, it’s 2017 and a gay character in any movie shouldn’t be a big deal and some would say that Disney is just late for the train but, we can’t expect any more from Disney. Why? Because it’s Disney.

Disney can’t just make a movie with two gay princes or two lesbian princesses falling in love without, at least, warming up it’s audiences to the idea first. Will this film be the one to do that? Probably not, but until our society becomes more accepting as a whole it will never happen.

LeFou is a step in the right direction for Disney whether the character is actually gay or not.

It’s 2017, so why did it take so long for a movie about gay men to get as much recognition as “Moonlight?”

It has nothing to do with the times. It has to do with the mindset of people and that’s something that no one can change, not even Disney.

With everyone freaking our about LeFou possibly being gay, I doubt there will be any openly gay fairy tales coming from Disney anytime soon. We can’t have gay fairy tales until our society becomes more accepting of gay people.