Students have lunch with Bruno


Siddharth GAULEE

Bria Mays listens to the questions and remarks made at the luncheon.

Students’ ideas don’t fall on deaf ears. Student Government Association members made sure of this when they attended Lunch with the President on Friday. Lunch with the President gives SGA members and university administration a chance to talk about any concerns or ideas that have to do with the campus.

The library seemed to grab the most attention at the luncheon. Questions focused on the empty space left over by the removal of books. Some students want to see this space turned into a lounge area for commuter students. Cynthia Robertson, interim dean of the library, reminded students of the library’s main goal.

“[We] don’t want to get too far away from the mission of studying,” Robertson said. Robertson said new furniture will be purchased for the empty spaces. This new furniture will help decide what the empty spaces will be used for.

Robertson also liked the idea of water fountains that have water bottle refilling abilities. She said she would like to see these water bottle filling stations in the library. Josh Usie, secretary of SGA and a senior marketing major, agreed that the water bottle filling stations were one of the major projects he would like to see added on campus.

In keeping with the library theme, some students wondered if the seventh floor balcony could be used for graduation pictures. Not only did administration think it was a great idea, they even offered the use of their sixth floor office balconies for pictures. 

President Nick Bruno was excited to have another great luncheon with student leaders. “It’s allowing a great line of communication between administration and student government and, of course, the students you represent,” Bruno said.

Bruno said the university does a great job talking about academics and athletics, but improvements and issues don’t seem to be talked about as much. He encouraged students to report any issues they may see to any faculty or staff. He also said to use the new fix forms on the ULM mobile application.

“We want to make sure when people come on this campus, people say, ‘wow, this is something special,’” Bruno said.

Bruno also said that other campus improvements such as a new track, renovated roofs and air conditioning would be coming soon.

SGA leaders also enjoyed their time talking with university administration. 

Compared to past luncheons, there weren’t as many questions, but Neal-Arnett said that cooperation with university administration helped make that possible. “We’ve gotten so much done this year,” said Neal-Arnett, the SGA president and a senior risk management and insurance major.

Neal-Arnett said this session had transitioned easily in the question and answer portion of the luncheon.

Usie said that attending Lunch with the President is one of his favorite events. “It means so much knowing we have such a great administration that cares so much about the school and students,” Usie said. “It makes me happy addressing problems students have and attempting to get them fixed.”