‘Power Rangers’: The best superhero movie if you grew up in the 90’s


Go! Go! Go straight on down to the theater to see this movie.

Saban’s “Power Rangers” was fantastic. It is everything you want a remake to be. It was fresh and new, but kept everything that you loved about the original.

“Power Rangers” was full of nostalgic moments. There were moments that will make you laugh and even some that will make you want to cry.

We all grew up with “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,” and you may be hesitant to go see this movie already knowing it won’t be as good as you remember. But, in all reality, it is so much better than the original.

Think about it; we were kids when we were first introduced to the Power Rangers, so our expectations for a quality movie were a lot different than they are now.

This new movie makes the Rangers seem more like real teenagers and even real humans. For a movie about high school superheroes, it was more realistic and relatable. They were all somewhat troublemakers in their own right. None of them were friends prior to finding the power coins. You see them form a genuine love for each other and become a team, the team they needed to be in order to defeat Rita Repulsa.

The movie is two hours long, and the first hour and 15 minutes is just buildup. They get their powers, but until they find the true meaning of teamwork, they can’t morph. At first, I thought this would upset me, but it works, because the action you do get is just enough to satisfy you.

The only thing I was missing was the morphing sequence, when the red ranger, Jason Scott, would yell, “it’s morphin’ time,” and they all morph but not before calling out their dinosaur zords. But, the one time he does say it in the movie, it sent goosebumps up my arms.

The most notable cast members included Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa) who is most popular for her role as Effie Trinket in “The Hunger Games,” and Bryan Cranston (Zordon) who is known for his role as Walter White on the show “Breaking Bad.”

Some may be familiar with Naomi Scott, who plays Kimberly Hart (pink ranger). Scott played Mo in Disney’s original movie “Lemonade Mouth” in 2011.

Becky G is another familiar face. She plays Trini (yellow ranger). Becky G is a singer, songwriter and rapper. She has also starred on the hit television show “Empire.”

Banks as Rita Repulsa serves the best performance throughout the entire film, but only because of her experience. While the Rangers’ acting was lacking in some spots, they were still very believable.

A week before the film came out, an article was released about one of the Rangers being the first openly gay superheroe.

By the time it got to that part of the movie, I had forgotten all about it because I was too mesmerized by the greatness of the film.

They mentioned the character’s sexual orientation tastefully and didn’t make a big deal about it, and neither should anyone else watching the movie because it’s not a big deal.

Overall, “Power Rangers” was an amazing movie that will satisfy anyone who enjoyed the 1993 television series.

It felt like I had been waiting my entire life for this movie, and now that it’s here, I got exactly what I wanted.

Luckily, Lionsgate is already planning six sequels.