Students vote in most international SGA senators

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Students vote in most international SGA senators


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International students made their mark on campus with multiple wins in the Student Government Association election last week.

To show the magnitude of this semesters’ SGA election, nearly 40 students competed for eight Senate seats in the College of Business and Social Sciences. SGA also proposed a vote to modify their constitution. The vote deals with a vacancy in the senate, where if a senator quits or is removed from their position, the candidate with the next highest votes will replace them. The amendment passed, and it will be elective starting this fall.

This election is also a huge victory for international students. Nine international students will be present on SGA starting this fall. SGA advisor Laura Jennings said this was the most international students on Senate she has seen “by far” in the eight years she has been on campus.

Sanjeeb Sangraula, a freshman computer science major, and his friends looked at the results and cheered for his victory.

“I decided to run for Senate because I wasn’t involved on campus. So, I took this gracious opportunity to do so,” Sangraula said.

Throughout the election, Sangraula gave out flyers and asked students to vote for him.

Blake Oden was shocked to hear that he was elected into the SGA Senate.

The sophomore pre-nursing major campaigned by making several posts on social media. 

He decided to run for Senate because as a senator, he can represent his college to the best of his abilities.

“Honestly, my goals are to give my college a voice and work together with the other senators and officers to make this university even more awesome than it already is,” Oden said. “I love this university, and I want to work to help other students feel the same.”

While most elections have come to a close, there will be a run-o this week. Ellen Ingram and Shelby Carrier are competing for secretary. Ingram or Carrier will give up a Senate seat if one of them is elected secretary. Cody Crnkovic and Taylor McGuffee are competing for treasurer.