After Dark tells campus of Christ’s story


Students enjoy the After Dark performances

After Dark came to ULM to tell Christ’s story.

Jesus is our advocate. He is our lawyer. When the devil tries to test us, he steps in and reminds the devil that our sins have already been paid in full with the blood from Jesus’ wounds on the cross. Through our trials and tribulations, Jesus is always there, and if we give our lives to Him, He’ll take care of the rest.

After Dark is a one-night event that travels to college campuses across the nation spreading the love of God with music and a message.

After Dark visited Fant-Ewing Coliseum on Thursday.

Students were entertained with two musical guests, Christian rapper Tedashii and YouTube sensations Anthem Lights.

The speaker of the event was Joe White. White is the president of Kanakuk Kamps and founder of Kids Across America in Branson, Missouri. He has spoken to Promise Keepers, Focus on the Family Radio, Life on the Edge conferences, Major League Baseball, the NFL and After Dark events across the country.

White presented a theatrical presentation where he discussed the relevance of Jesus today in the lives of college students.

Macie Eubanks, a junior health studies major, said Jesus was glorified through White’s life story.

“I’ve gotten to hear Joe’s story before, but no matter how many times you hear it, it is still so powerful. You can see how the Lord has his hands on Joe’s life every step of his journey,” Eubanks said.

Tedashii was first to take the stage. He sang a few of his original songs and even a new song. He also performed songs by other 116 artists.

116 is an Christian hip hop collective from Dallas, Texas signed to Reach Records.

Tedashii asked the crowd if there were any 116 fans in the audience and called them family. After he got them hyped, he played a melody of old hits.

“I have been listening to 116 rap for years so I was so excited about Tedashii,” Eubanks said.

Eubanks and one her best friends, Garrett Henson, were the two student representatives that brought After Dark to campus. When they found out Tedashii was on the list as a potential artist, they knew they wanted their fellow Warhawks to experience him.

For freshman psychology major, Sara Janet, Tedashii was her favorite part of the entire event.

“I thought his music was really good and he was fun. I loved his energy,” Janet said.

Kendrick Jones, a senior advocacy major, came on stage to introduce White.

Jones told a short story about ULM and how being on its campus and inspiration from God has taught him how to be a dreamer.

As the audience entered the event, they were handed a card with a small red spot on it and a pencil. After White’s talk, he told everyone to write their sins down on the card or anything else they wanted to remove from their lives.

The red spot on the card was a symbol for Christ’s blood, and he said whatever they wrote down “has already been paid for.”

He instructed the audience to come to the stage and throw their papers onto the stage to be nailed to the cross.

Janet said she struggles with mental health issues, so she wrote that down on her card.

Eubanks was working with the team so she didn’t get to write anything, but she said she would have.

“I would’ve written, ‘the approval of people.’ I really love people and can sometimes come off as a people pleaser because I don’t ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings and this can hinder me,” Eubanks said.

“I can sometimes be more concerned about how others feel or think versus what the Lord is telling me and calling me to do.”

After Dark reminded studnets that no matter how dark life gets, they are never alone.