31 Ambassadors to give free luncheon for seniors

Pujan Dahal, [email protected]

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The 31 Ambassadors took GratiTuesday to show some gratitude to the graduating seniors.

They had the people who are graduating in May sign up for a senior luncheon and register to be active alumni.

31 Ambassadors is organizing the senior luncheon on April 27, where they will have speakers from the Monroe area.

Ashley Hunter, who is a senior kinesiology major, said that the event would be a very good social experience for the seniors before they say goodbye to their college.

She added that this could be a career boosting event, too. “ This will give them an opportunity to network with people who may be in their eld or concentration,” she said.

Hunter further extended that it could be a chance for the seniors to network with other graduating students. She said, “With the luncheon, you will able to hear the speakers and get free t-shirts.”

The 31 Ambassadors have been conducting Grati-Tuesday for the past two years, but this is their first time to have the luncheon.

Hunter said that they would only accept the first 100 sign-ups for the luncheon.

33 students signed up for the luncheon, and there are still 69 spots remaining.

The 31 Ambassadors, who work directly with the Alumni Association, also accepted membership for active alumni on Grati-Tuesday.

While nobody registered to be an active alumnus, Hunter said that students can register to be an alumnus online too.

It is $35 to be an active alumnus. “We do not personally charge them. It’s the general Alumni Association one-year fee, and the level also determines the price,” Hunter said.

Senior biology major Siddhartha Dhakal signed up for the luncheon. He said that he wants to get the best of his college experience before

The graduates and does not want to miss this chance.

“I don’t want to miss lunch with my graduating friends,” he said.

Dhakal said that he is going to miss ULM after he graduates.

There are three things that he will miss the most: “First, I will miss my dear friends at ULM. Second, my lovely professors. third, the bayou,” Dhakal said.