Some men just don’t meet our expectations

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Women know what they want from men. It just so happens that some men don’t hold the qualities that women want.

There was an article published last week that talked about how women are indecisive when it comes to their needs from men. I disagree with that.

Now, this is not to bash the author who wrote the article, but I do want to point out his inaccuracy.

Let’s start with these hoops and hurdles. You’re right when you say that women need to be approached in a certain way. No woman wants a man who comes up to her and talks to her in a disrespectful way. Men need to be polite and respectful and, most of all, you need to be decently dressed.

First impressions are everything, and if you don’t impress them then yes, they’re most likely going to turn you down. You can’t be upset about that. Be better.

Furthermore, it’s an insult to have someone say that approaching him or her in a decent manner is a hoop or a hurdle. That definitely won’t get you a date. Especially since, according to Dr. Bruno at the Women’s Symposium, this campus is approximately 70 percent women.

Here’s some free advice: Don’t bring your high school relationship drama and try to apply it to college relationships. We are not in high school anymore, and it’s time to put away childish situations. Kids are brutal. We know this.

They make a mockery of anything and everything, so to judge women on what they did in high school only adds insult to injury.

In his article, Reginald Wells said, “Let’s not forget about the friends. They’re rarely in your corner and will likely do anything to sabotage and belittle you.”

Please find better women to be attracted to. It sounds as if you are still looking at things from a high school perspective, where it was extremely embarrassing to be approached by a guy in front of your friends.

When the guy would leave, the girls would start singing that annoying “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” song, accompanied by those aggravating giggles. But this isn’t high school, and women in college should know better by now.

Real women support and uplift their friends. If the man is not a good a fit for the woman in question, then yes, her friend is going to step in and tell her that she can do better.

That’s not a quality to be mocked, but it should be admired. Friends are your allies. They’re the ones who will defend you when you’re right, but are quick to correct you when you are wrong.

Most people think that women are complicated, but here’s a secret: We’re really not. Most of the women you meet just want the simple things in life. The only women who want men who have their entire lives together are women who have their lives together.

You can’t get mad at that logic, and you need to stop judging all women. You also need to stop generalizing all women. All women are not the same, just as all men are not the same. But let’s not forget that men often do the exact same thing Wells is accusing women of.

Most men have this distorted idea of the perfect woman, and nothing else will suffice. They fail to realize that every woman doesn’t wear a pound or six of makeup and wear a size two dress. There are women who want to help their man grow.

A lot of women are OK with simple dates that won’t break the bank and won’t mind a man who is a work in progress.

Not to mention, guys also like to get on social media and talk about how they wish they had that one  girl to spoil or cuddle with.

Some men (and women) even decide to write entire articles about their nonexistent love life.

We’re all in college trying to better ourselves. We don’t have the luxury of being uppity, simply because we are not perfect ourselves. You can’t expect perfection if you aren’t perfect, and that goes for both men and women.

Look, I get it. You’re frustrated with dating. A lot of men and women are, but this article basically calls all women shallow money pits.

I don’t think that was what you were trying to do, but that’s how it came off.

Have you ever thought that maybe it just isn’t the right time for you to find someone? College isn’t about having fun. It’s about securing a future and getting an education. Yes, there are parties and activities to relieve the stress of classes, but that isn’t the main point.

That’s not why we are here. Try focusing on growing as a human being, and the rest will follow.