SGA senator positions finally filled

Alan Rawles, [email protected]

Two new officers have been added to next year’s Student Government Association (SGA) roster.

Cody Crnkovic and Ellen Ingram won their SGA campaigns last week to fill the last slots for SGA.

Ingram won her campaign to be the new SGA secretary with a seven-point gap over Shelby Carrier.

Crnkovic also won his campaign against Taylor McGuffee to take the role of treasurer.

Crnkovic, a junior biology major, and Ingram, a sophomore biology major, will be taking on their new roles in the fall semester.

Their past experience on SGA as senators will help them as they move into an officer’s position.

“I was a senator for the past two years,” Crnkovic said. “Being in SGA that long has given me many connections with administrators, faculty and students.”

Ingram is also prepared to make the transition into an officer role.

“I kind of know the game plan already,” Ingram said.

Ingram hasn’t been in SGA as long as other members, but that isn’t stopping her from taking the initiative to lead.

Joshua Usie, a senior marketing major and current SGA secretary, said he hopes to share special tips and provide templates for Ingram to work with in the coming year.

Ingram said Usie has been a good mentor to her throughout her time in SGA.

Usie and Crnkovic mentioned how this year’s election was more competitive than past elections.

Usie said the use of social media doesn’t surprise him, but there were also candidates who went around talking to people and passing out flyers.

This competitive drive is sure to translate to hard work in the coming year.

SGA is hoping to make a huge impact on campus next year,, according to current SGA treasurer and future president, Bryce Bordelon.

Bordelon, a senior construction management major, said there are three main goals for SGA in the coming year.

“For 2017 and 2018, we have three main goals, and they are getting even more students involved, helping more students realize the many different things SGA does for the student body and [completing] another big project for campus,” Bordelon said. 

Crnkovic is also ready to make a difference next year with SGA.

“I ran for an officer position to make a change in SGA for the students,” Crnkovic said. “I believe the student body can do anything they want to make our campus better. There shouldn’t be any limitations on any ideas that the students give us.”

As for this year’s SGA, they are finishing the year strong with multiple events and a big project under their belt.