Water ski teams, old and new, showcase their capabilities


Siddharth Gaulee

The water ski team in their grand finale at Saturday’s Alumni Ski Show.

A few of the world’s best water skiers took to the waters of Bayou DeSiard to show the audience why the ULM team has 27 National Championships and a few other tricks they had up their skis.

Members of the alumni and current water ski teams kicked off Spring Fever week 2017 with an Alumni Water Ski Show.

The ski show was held in Heritage Park at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Members of the Monroe community and ULM student body came out to support the team in the ski show.

The show immediately followed the team’s first ever alumni tournament where the teams competed in trick and jump and apparently, the alumni team gave the current team a run for their money.

The sun was out but no one complained, especially because CAB was there with free popsicles.

The crowd of people was a decent size, and there was an even better crowd of dogs.

The dogs would swim in the water, playing fetch with their owners as the team skied up and down the bayou.

The announcer of the ski show said the tricks that the crowd was going to see aren’t things the team practices a lot.

One trick consisted of the skier’s foot being tied to the boat.

The skier did turns and jumps with only one foot on a single ski.

Other tricks included signature flips and jumps. One female skier from the women’s team even got on top of one of the guy’s shoulders.

Five of the men got behind the boat together and did a jump off of the ramp at the same time.

The grand finale was two women standing on the shoulders of four men.

The women held a ULM flag that blew in the wind. They got off of the men with a back flip dismount.

The team welcomed anyone to come out and watch them, they are on the bayou all most every weekend.