Night full of games with drinks, music


Siddharth GAULEE

Photo by Siddharth Gaulee

Karaoke, live music, games and a couple of drinks always make for a fun night.

But only if you’re of age, of course.

This was Campus Activity Board’s idea when they decided to have Bar Game Night on Thursday night in the SUB ballrooms.

The event started out a little bit slow, but the night picked up when karaoke started and more people began to filter into the party.

Along with karaoke, there were also games for students to play such as water pong, cards, darts and cornhole, among others.

A cash bar was situated at the far end of the room, but, of course, students had to be at least 21 years of age to be able to drink.

If students did happen to be underage, however, they were still welcome to play games and enjoy the live bands that were featured at the event.

Sophomore criminal justice major Ashtin Houghton is a member of CAB and was working at the event.

She said CAB decided to bring Bar Game Night to ULM’s campus because they wanted to have something fun that the public would be interested in.

“We’re college students; we like the bar, so bar night games are bringing the bar to the students,” said Houghton, who planned on spending most of her night playing some of the games that were offered at the event.

There was also live music, provided by a few local bands such as Astro Motel, The Ian Quiet Band, LoFi Punk Rock and The Mason-O Trio.