Oozeball: New teams, silly names, same muddy fun


Siddharth Gaulee

Students splashed in Oozeball to wrap up Spring Fever week.

They didn’t allow any sticks in the mud at this year’s Oozeball Tournament.

Oozeball, everyone’s favorite Spring Fever event, took place Friday behind Malone Stadium and was hosted by 31 Ambassadors.

For those who don’t know what Oozeball is, it’s a game of volleyball that gets a little dirty, if a little dirty means seven pits of muddy water.

Each team had eight members. There were women, men, co-ed and faculty teams.

Teams from every corner of campus came out to enjoy the surprisingly refreshing water and some friendly competition.

Some of the teams included: Bring your Own Ooze, Oozma Kappa, Deez Nets, Ricky Bobby’s Pit Crew and even Baby Carrots in Hummus. 

For Ricky Bobby’s Pit Crew team member Yugdeep Belbase, playing oozeball was somewhat of a nostalgic feeling.

“In Nepal, during monsoon, people gather up in the fields to cultivate crops and have fun at the same time. They sing, dance and eat together in the muddy fields,” said Belbase, a sophomore mathematics major.

Oozeball was a similar experience for Belbase.

This was his second time playing the game since coming to ULM.

Even though his team didn’t make it past the second round, he still had more fun than ever before.

“Oozeball has been the best event during the spring fever week for me. Playing volleyball in mud is difficult and exciting at the same time. I had more fun this year than the last one because I knew more people who participated this time,” Belbase said.

He also enjoyed cheering on other teams.

Edward Raimundi, junior kinesiology major and vice president of projects for 31 Ambassadors, said his favorite part of the event was working the event and seeing everyone enjoy themselves while playing in the mud.

“This is the biggest event of spring fever and it will be around forever. The students love it and enjoy this event,” Raimundi said.

After all that mud, there had to be a way for everyone to get cleaned up.

A fire truck was there, and the firefighters sprayed the players off.

Very Dirty Sets (Pike) won the men’s championship, Muddy and Sluddy won women’s, Mud Thugs won co-ed and the athletics team won the faculty championship.