Car Bash: PIKE family raises money for their brother


Siddharth GAULEE

Students smash cars with a sledgehammer in Bayou Park to support Kaleb Ford and raise money for his cancer treatment.

Every student has dreams of joining organizations, hanging out with friends and eventually graduating from college within four years.

Kaleb Ford was doing just that. In 2013, he became a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity .

In the beginning of January 2017, Ford found out he had testicular cancer.

Since then, he has been undergoing chemotherapy.

The senior construction management major is still going to school, but will not graduate this spring as planned.

Professors have put assignments online to accommodate Ford’s new schedule.

Members of PIKE decided to raise money for Ford’s medical expenses during Spring Fever week. So, members of the fraternity decided to have a car bash.

Overall, the organization raised $1,118 for Ford.

“The car bash was the first idea mentioned at a meeting, and everyone rallied behind it,” said Cody Crnkovic, PIKE co-treasurer and close friend of Ford.

The Campus Activities Board gave PIKE a $500 scholarship to buy the materials needed for the car bash.

“We are supposed to beat cancer by beating the cars,” said Crnkovic.

PIKE charged one dollar for two hits to a car.

“PIKE is not just a fraternity, it is a brotherhood and a bond,” said Crnkovic.

All the proceeds from the car bash will go toward Ford’s medical bills.

PIKE would like to thank Allstar Auto Title (owner Cherry Kay Anding), Carland (owner Brandon Rollins), Plunk’s Wrecker Service  (owner Louis Parker), Auto Glass Special, Home Hardware (owner Jerry Smith) and Sir Speedy for helping making the event possible.

Ford has about $4,000  in his GoFundMe account already, and PIKE just wants to add a little more.