Advice from graduates to graduating seniors

  1. “First and foremost, start paying on your loans. Don’t wait through the grace period, just go ahead and start making little payments. Also, my main advice is get out there and be proactive with job hunting, just don’t sit around and wait for anything to fall in your lap. Just because you’re out of school, your hard work is never done. Your success still depends on your work ethic and perseverance.”

    -Allison Friloux , B.A. vocal education, 2014

  2. “Your first job after college probably won’t be your ‘dream job,’ but don’t be quick to give up when it gets hard. The hardships you have to endure now are only preparing you for where you really want to be.”

    -Tyler Smith, B.A. communications with a journalism concentration, 2016

  3. “This advice was given to me from my teacher I student taught under, and it still holds true in my career today. ‘No one is going to look out for you like you will.’ Go and conquer that interview, be the new and fresh kid in the office and don’t be scared to bring in the new ideas and shake things up. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, take yourself in that direction with confidence.”

    -Emily Lovelady, B.A. elementary education, 2015

  4. “One piece of advice I would give to a graduating senior is to stop trying to have it all together and figured out before graduation. It’s good to have a plan, but don’t get so wrapped up and having the perfect, well-put-together plan that you forget to live and enjoy life. There’s more to life after college than just landing the perfect job. My sister said, ‘In this life, there will be

    many opportunities presented to you. Some where you feel like you may die. Don’t’.”

    – Traneshia Stormer, B.A. communications with a journalism concentration, 2016

  5. “I would say take everything you learn in college and try and find ways to apply it to life after. Many lessons can’t be learned until you’re out in the real world, but definitely make connections and heed advice from your professors. Your professors and peers are the ones you will need to use as references, so establish relationships with them now, and seek the advice about life after college. What they have to say may help you along your path as well. Also, be proactive in searching for the career that best suits your dreams.  If that means moving to a bigger city to pursue what makes you happy, do it. Only you can stand in the way of achieving your goals.”

    – Alyssa Flowers, B.A. musical theater 2012

  6. “Savor all the ‘lasts.’ Graduation happens fast, and no matter how much you want to walk that stage, college is a special life experience. Enjoy it. What is your vision? Form one, and stick to it. Sometimes that means saying no to a job. Or saying yes, and jumping in over your head.

    When you take a chance, the magic happens.”

    – Karrissa Smith Carver B.A. communications with a concentration in public relations, 2015

  7. “Walking across the stage is not the finish line of your success. You keep grinding, and don’t stop until you’re dust to dust. Make your happiness a priority and watch opportunities fall in your lap. Get your eight hours of rest. Drink lots of water and moisturize.”

    – Gwen Ducre, B.A. communications with a journalism concentration, 2016

  8. “Take chances. If you want to do something crazy like working a holiday overseas, now is the time before you settle into your routine! If I could go back and do it all over, that is one of the biggest things I’d change, trying to work overseas for awhile. The other would be to pick up theater sooner.”

    – Nikki Simmons, B.S. computer science, 2011, M.S. mathematics, 2013