Warhawks purchase the new ULM class ring

Madison Bryan, [email protected]

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(Left to right) Daliah Wooten, Tamara Gorham and Alexia Wooten provided information on the new class ring during the New Ring Event last week.

Students and alumni had the opportunity to purchase a reminder of their time in college.

The new ULM class ring went on sale at the Bookstore last week.

The ring can be a constant reminder to students that they were a part of something bigger and they successfully made it through all of the long nights and tough college exams tests.

This year’s class ring includes the updated logo. The logo was revealed earlier this semester and included a nod to the NLU logo, with the current Warhawk instead of Indian head to indicate moving forward without forgetting the past.

Hadassah Anders, a freshman biology major, thought the new logo worked well for the new ring.

“I love the updated logo,” Anders said.  “My mother was an original NLU graduate, so it’s nice to have a mixture of her class and mine in the ring.”

Alumni and current students have not had much connection through previous years, but Victoria Kerry, a sophomore elementary education major, said that may change.

“I think the updated logo can bring alumni and current students together more than before,” Kerry said.

On this year’s ring, the creators included the cypress trees that are also shown on previous rings, to have a bit of history and scenery on the ring.

The cypress trees represent how far the university has come from starting out as a junior college to the university it is now.

Elliot Gonzalez, a senior political science major, likes seeing the cypress tree imagery on the new ring.

“I feel including the cypress trees is always noteworthy,” Gonzalez said. “It’s like no matter where you go you will always have a piece of ULM’s scenery with you.”

The ring designers also kept notable ULM landmarks such as the library, Brown Hall and the official symbol of ULM, which is a flaming torch with rays extending out over an open book underneath it.

Being able to purchase the new ring with the updated logo can be a humbling moment for students.

A class ring signifies the long journey students had to endure to get to a successful end.

The graduating class will always have a logo to remind them of their past, and look forward to the future.