Fall into autumn fashion


graphic by Cory Thaxton

Ethan Dennis, [email protected]

Fall is finally here which means time to  put the rompers and Chubbies away and make room for some new sweaters and chinos.

Tired of looking wretched in your 8 a.m. or while working at your on-campus job? Maybe it’s time to replace the usual date or Friday night out outfit?

Well ladies and gents, turn that metaphorical wardrobe frown upside down by following these four fall fashion tips:

The Dreaded 8 a.m.

Ladies: It’s time to ditch or up-style the leggings. Everyone is just as tired of looking at them as you feel when you put them on in the morning.

Try adding a denim skirt or wearing an interesting top to balance out the blandness of the basic, black leggings.

Fellas: Rolling out of bed when the alarm reads 7:30 a.m.just to slip into some basketball shorts and a standard ULM shirt is what most expect from a typical college guy, but why not challenge the norm this fall?

Instead, try a nice pair of joggers and a graphic t-shirt. This duo provides comfort in class and a sleek, stylish look.

The Dreary On-Campus Job

Ladies: Because looking anything less than cute in college is a fashion faux pas, picking an outfit for your on-campus job can be tricky.

Make sure you invest in some solid or printed button-up shirts to make choosing an appropriate outfit easier.

Most boots are cute for class and professional for work, so they’re a good choice to wear as well.

Fellas: Wearing some old jeans and a wrinkly t-shirt is not ok. Yes, it’s comfortable, but it’s not trendy or professional. Instead, try a pair of khakis, a nice shirt  and a cardigan.

Since Fall is here, wearing a cardigan is a good way to protect yourself from the crisp weather.

The Dreamy Date Night

Ladies: Chances are you were asked out on a date, so don’t stress about making a mistake when your date is clearly into you already.

The key to having a dreamy date night is wearing loose clothes in case you get nervous.

Flowy tops paired with a comfortable pair of jeans shows you’re playful and ready to have a fun night.

Fellas: Date night is not only about getting dressed up anymore.

Keep it comfortable, but semi-casual.

Wearing a nice pair of jeans or chinos and a button-front shirt instead of the ol’ slacks and tie should suffice.

Also, remember to dress your body with a dash of cologne, so your date wants to stay close to you all night in the brisk fall weather.

The Daring Friday Night Out

Ladies: Be bold. When it comes to owning it on the dance floor and around the city, tenacity is crucial on a Friday night.

There’s no better way to be bold than matching a pair of chunky heels with a bright red top or pair of pants.

This look always leaves an impression.

Fellas: Confidence is what you should be wearing on a Friday night out.

Whatever you feel the most comfortable in is what you should wear in order to command the space around you.

Just make sure you leave the limp t-shirts, sweatpants  and basketball shorts at home.

Instead of ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte this season, spice up your life with these fall fashion tips.