Taking guns away won’t work; background checks are better

Alaina Wimbish, [email protected]

Gun control has been a hot topic in recent years. It’s the debate between raising enforcement laws or restricting the amount and type of guns a person in the United States can own.

Statistics show that, in recent years, firearms are responsible for most of the deaths in the nation.

That includes everything from homicides and suicides to accidents. In 2013, the highest recorded number of gun-related deaths in the United States was 33,636.

Also, many incidents and tragedies have occurred such as mass shootings. I remember sitting in my high school English class when we took a moment of silence for the many victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Statistics have also shown that 46 percent of people in the United States support tougher gun control laws and 54 percent support more lenient to nonexistent laws.

However, the question we should be asking is not whether we should keep creating gun control laws and keep them heavily enforced. This is the real question we should all be thinking about: What is in the country’s best interest that will keep us safe?

Now that you know the facts on the negatives of having so much access to guns, let me show you the side of gun control laws that hinder us.

Imagine new, tougher gun control laws have been heavily enforced and you are no longer allowed to own a gun because you are simply a civilian.

You’re at home by yourself and suddenly you encounter a person trying to break into your home. You don’t have gun, so what do you protect yourself with?

Being a Southern girl, I was raised on firearms. However, I was also taught the right ways to use them. I never point and shoot unless it meant my life was in danger. But how can I or anyone else keep safe if gun laws are so hard on civilians?

This has been a question asked by many gun owners, especially if they are the type of person to hunt or shoot on a range for interest.

From experience, the simple act of even claiming you have a firearm can be the deciding factor of whether or not you or your valuables will be safe for another day.

Recently, researchers have found that, due to the recent laws being enacted, gun sales have gone up and over the charts. Sales have increased 68 percent due to the fear of guns being taken away.

So, is it really beneficial to keep creating laws that indirectly have the opposite effect of your intentions? I think not.

However, there has been a solution on which many Americans can somewhat agree on: Restrictions and more thorough background checks.

Restrictions on the gun laws such as regular checking may be the solutions to keep the peace in our country.

In fact, 92 percent of the country supports expanded background checks (especially if it means they get to keep their guns).

If politicians actually looked at the polls that scientists and researchers have given out, they’d notice where the happy medium is.

I believe that if we can get to a meeting place in an agreement, then we can fix the problem. It may take a while, but I can see this problem coming to an end in the future.

I also believe that a certain amount of gun control is good. Restrictions, background checks and other types of actions will help America come to a peaceful agreement, and that is for the best interest of our country.