UBER now in Monroe, students could benefit


Madison Bryan, [email protected]

Monroe, La. has just opened the doors to Uber, a transportation company that has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years.

Uber is a ride-sharing service that provides customers comfort by allowing its employees to use their own clean, personal vehicles.

This company is run through an app anyone can download on their smartphone.

In this app, one can conveniently request an Uber ride by just entering a credit card number and some other information such as name, phone number and email account.

Once an account has been created, the Uber app will display a map of the area and ask where the customer wants to travel.

From there, the app finds the closest driver.

The app will show what the driver looks like, what kind of car they drive and any ratings they have been given by previous customers.

The system is fully operational in the area, as students are already taking advantage of the opportunity.

Amily Ho, a junior accounting major said, “It was a smooth ride, a lot safer than I expected. It helps when you do not have a vehicle. It is also cheaper than taxis that have a minimum of ten dollars regardless of the distance and could really help cut down on drunk driving.”

Uber drivers can make an average of six dollars per ride, which is a nice start for any college students looking to make some extra money.

Jeremy, a local Uber driver stated, “the hiring process is very simple and easy with very few steps. Even though there is not much income at the moment, I am sure things will pick up soon.”

The application process is simple. Perspective drivers can use the app to apply by inputting some basic information, send in a picture of their license plate, insurance card and inspection sticker.

They also have to pass a background check.

This also has the possibility to help with limited parking spots on campus, which students have said is a significant issue for commuters.

With more Uber drivers in the area, more students can carpool and split tickets on the app.

Overall, the Monroe community seems excited to have this new company in the area.

Phillip Pham, a junior biology pre-med major said, “It is really interesting that Uber has expanded to our homely town of Monroe. I am excited to see what new additions there will be in the coming years now that we are modernizing the area.”