Real life training with walk down the runway

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Real life training with walk down the runway

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The first job interview after college can be very intimidating. Every job interview can be very intimidating when one doesn’t have a clue on the basics of an interview.

Fortunately, the Career Style Show last week helped educate young college students on interview 101.

The style show, organized by the Career Ambassadors, taught students the proper dress etiquette for job interviews and formal events related to the workplace.

It was Career Ambassadors’ first time organizing the show.

“Our office (Career Connections) has planned it time after time, I’m super excited for them (Career Ambassadors) to be able to gain these skills,” said Anna Gasperecz, the staff advisor for Career Ambassadors.

The show started with a mock interview showing what not to do during an interview.

This included not greeting the interviewers, inappropriate handshakes and improper interview attire.

Participants walked down the runway with attires for different formal occasions throughout the show.

Participants from the audience were also provided an opportunity to win gift cards from Raisin’ Canes by answering interview-related questions.

To cap off the show the runway models were allowed a “Fun-Run” where they could walk down the runway throwing confetti and express their personal style.

The winner was picked through audience votes. Freshman kinesiology major Joshua Dipuma took home the victory as the overall winner.

“Honestly, I’m shocked. They had a bunch of good guys, so it’s an honor,” Dipuma said. “It was my first time doing it, other students should try it too. It’s anybody’s game.”

The show had winners for various categories like career fair, banquet, interview and convention.