Twitter shouldn’t have long statuses, 280 characters is a manageable limit


Since day one, Twitter users have always had to get right to the point when posting a status.

140 characters has always been the limit.

Now, Twitter wants to try and double the character count to 280 characters.   

This could be a great idea. As a person who tweets every now and then, I wouldn’t mind having the extra characters.

Honestly, it seems like every time I actually want to post something on Twitter, I can never say what I want with just 140 characters.

Doubling the character count will not only allow Donald Trump to say more in one post, but me and others, as well.

Now that I say that, maybe Twitter doesn’t need to expand the character count.

According to an article in “The New York Times,” Twitter’s goal “was to eliminate what it viewed as constraints that kept people from tweeting more frequently. One significant barrier, according to Twitter’s internal research, has been the stringent limit on character count.”

This limit is probably why I don’t tweet as much.

You would think as a journalism major where I am taught to write with brevity, I would be ok with short status updates, but it’s almost aggravating.

In the age of Facebook where you can say whatever you want, however you want and for how ever many characters you want, users are spoiled by that freedom, something Twitter doesn’t give its user.

Even with the expanded character count, Twitter still isn’t giving their users very much freedom when it comes to how much they can post.

On the other hand, would Twitter be the same if you could post as much as you want? I don’t think so.

Twitter isn’t formatted to have long statuses. It wouldn’t even look like Twitter anymore.

But, I do think the 280-character count is a good, manageable limit.