Warhawks take up laser guns for fun in darkness

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In a week filled with fun activities and delicious food, a not-so-advertised event became a hit among students.

Tron Laser Tag, organized by the Campus Activities Board, pitted 12 players against each other in a five-minute free for all.

As curious onlookers gave the game a try, it didn’t take long for the line to reach Starbucks.

“It was my first time playing laser tag. It was like pinball but way less painful,” said Sonu Shrestha, a freshman biology major. “It was more fun hiding and shooting. Although we didn’t win the game, I enjoyed it a lot.”

The pitch-black interior with music playing in the background created a different world from the hot, sunny day outside.

“I was surprised by our turn out, we didn’t send out any flyers or anything!” said CAB Vice-President Edward Raimundi who himself participated in a round of tag.

Most homecoming week activities are scheduled to last until 3 p.m.

However, pack up starts a little after 2 p.m. often due to a lack of participants.

This wasn’t the case at Tron Laser Tag. Eager participants even lined up under nearby trees to escape the sun’s vicious heat after 2 p.m.